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The Undercroft is England’s oldest and most prestigious RPG periodical, with a history stretching back to 1917. Today – reinvigorated for a new century – the 'zine’s essence remains unchanged: it is a home for the best art and writing, an indispensable feature on the British literary landscape.

We look for short works that startle and entertain us. Pieces should be erudite, lucid and incisive, or dumb, confusing and beautiful, or challenging, uncomfortable and upsetting. We are obviously interested in writing that has a Lamentations of the Flame Princess focus, but not exclusively so. Any work that is suitably strange, whimsical or unsettling and largely compatible with D&D* retro-clones, will be appropriate.

If in doubt please refer to an issue of The Undercroft before you submit work, so that you can see the type of material we publish.

Below are some general guidelines for submissions.

Unless otherwise arranged, all art is intended to be full page A5
Unsolicited art submissions are fine, though there are very few taken due to space and budget constraints
It is rare for me to offer more direction than a copy of the text to be illustrated and to clear up any confusions in the text for you. You are trusted to know better than me and I want your personality to come through without interference

Any body horror should be used deliberately and serve the piece, not as cheap seasoning
It absolutely doesn't have to be horror. And if it is think more Twin Peaks/Laird Barron and less Hellraiser
If rules are included (and they don't have to be) they should be mechanically interesting or unobtrusive
No word limit on submissions.

To submit, please send a brief description or extract to:

Include "UNDERCROFT SUBMISSION" in the title. This is the quickest and most efficient way to send your submissions.

Rates & Terms 

Terms for original work are that it cannot have been published previously in English in its current form (however significantly building on old work is fine) and it cannot be republished in full for 3 months after publication. After that you can post your article, distribute it for free, resell it to another 3rd party, whatever takes your fancy. The exclusivity period is voluntary and in good faith. We retain the rights to republish it at a later date, at no additional cost to us, only in the context it was originally used (an illustration as part of an article, for instance).

We also accept work that has been previously published for which you retain the rights (on your own blog, for instance). We do not pay for these articles except with a complimentary copy of the zine.

Contributors are entitled to a gratis copy in all formats of all publications in which their work is included, ongoing.

All content is covered by the following copyright once published:

© 2014 by the Melsonian Arts Council. The Undercroft is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Licence (international):


Art: £30 per illustration

Original articles:  1.5p per word (so £1.50 per 100 words)

Payment will be received in full upon acceptance. Half payable to commissioned pieces that are refused for whatever reason.

*the use of "D&D" aka "Dungeons & Dragons" is a direct challenge to your petty rules regarding and implicit ownership of things attached to a word you didn't invent for a game you didn't make. Wrestle me for it >:[ 

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