The Undercroft Submissions

We look for short works that startle and entertain us. Pieces should be erudite, lucid and incisive, or dumb, confusing and beautiful, or challenging, uncomfortable and upsetting. We are interested in writing that is compatible in one form or another with any edition of Dungeons & Dragons.

Below are some general guidelines for submissions.

Unless otherwise arranged, all art is intended to be full page A5
Unsolicited art submissions are fine, though there are very few taken due to space and budget constraints
We won't offer any guidance on illustrations besides providing the text. If you'd like some we can give it, otherwise you're trusted to know best.

We're looking for weird. This could be whimsical, confusing, cute or horrific. Anything that surprises us and steers well away from canon D&D* flavour.
If rules are included (and they don't have to be) they should be mechanically interesting or unobtrusive. Any edition is fine, but please let us know what ruleset you're working from.
No word limit on submissions, though most are around 1000 words.

To submit, please send a brief description or extract to:

Rates & Terms 

Terms for original work are that it cannot have been published previously in English in its current form (however significantly building on old work is fine) and it we ask that it not be republished in full for 3 months after publication. After that you can post your article, distribute it for free, resell it to another 3rd party, whatever takes your fancy. The exclusivity period is voluntary and in good faith. We retain the rights to republish it at a later date, at no additional cost to us, only in the context it was originally used (a specific illustration as part of a specific article, for instance).

We also accept work that has been previously published for which you retain the rights (on your own blog, for instance). We do not pay for these articles except with a complimentary copy of the zine.

Contributors are entitled to a gratis copy in all formats of all publications in which their work is included, ongoing.

All content is covered by the following copyright once published:

Copyright the Melsonian Arts Council and all named contributors.
This product is an independent production of The Melsonian Arts Council.
Redistribution without prior written consent prohibited. Permission is granted to photocopy and otherwise reproduce for personal use. All authors retain the right to be identified as such. In all cases this notice must remain intact


Art: arranged on a per case basis

Original articles:  3p per word after editing (so £3 per 100 words)

Payment will be received in full upon editing.

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