In Media Res

While its citizens chat nearby, your party is strapped in the judiciary rig by neck, arm, and leg. The bailiff steps on stage while the executioner waits nearby with a saw.

“The good great lord Kamin, Rod-Master of Kine Gather, conveys herewith his judgement to [party name]. This is the judgement of Lord Kamin: That you are all egregious felons, remorseless reprobates and sneaking thieves; that you have entered the city of Kine Gather, and move through the bailiwicks thereof, in pursuit of criminal aims; that you were taken in possession of a tool of criminal thaumaturgey; that you have merited death. You are permitted final remarks. Do you wish to say something?”

What do you do?

The wizard blinks at the party, the party blinks back. The lot of you have been rudely and, one would presume, mistakenly summoned to the defence of this ragged sorcerer. The angry mob, quickly recovering from the shock of this latest affront to nature, edges closer screaming "Kill the witch! Kill the witch!".

What do you do?

You wake up in the middle of the night to see the party member supposed to be on watch carrying an exact double of himself away into the darkness. They soon return to their post like nothing happened and to anyone else they would seem entirely themselves.

On rising you notice tracks indicating similar dragged loads leading from the camp, though it's hard to tell how many.

What do you do?


I enjoy starting games in media res occasionally. It cuts out the pesky preamble and jumps to the meaty bits. Stuff just happened, go go go!

If anyone has any I'd appreciate sharing them. You can never have too many.

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