Currency of Blacksand and wider Allansia

Fangthane Mark
A large, octagonal coin struck in the mint of the Holy Mountain of Fangthane. The Fangthane, or Dwarven, Mark appears to be made of pure gold but is in actuality an alloy whose makeup is known only to the royal metallurgists. It is an exceedingly hard metal and therefore easily tested for authenticity, simply grab a file or a knife and have at it; if the coin dulls or chips then what you hold is a debased forgery. The currency is backed by the massive wealth hauled up from the mountain's depths and guarantees the bearer its value's worth of gems or rare metals if presented to the exchange office in the city at the mountain's base. However due to waiting times, administrative fees, and religious observances, this is rarely done. Much more common is the reverse, whereby outsiders bring their wealth and valuable possession to the dwarves in exchange for marks, causing the dwarven holy city to be accused of being a glorified pawn brokerage. Regardless, the Fangthane Mark is the standard of international trade, trusted beyond all other currencies for its reliability.

Dwarven Mark = 240 Silver Pennies

Silver Penny 
The standard coinage of Allansia is the penny, whose popularity is a holdover from more civil and centralised times. The size and design changes by region but they are generally very small (less than 2 grams), vaguely round and mostly silver. They can be made even smaller with the application of bit of elbow grease, splitting them into up to four "bits". A penny will get you a night in the common room, a beer, or a loaf of bread AKA whatever your base gold or silver standard fantasy cash gets.

Port Blacksand has its own peculiar currency which rides on top of the two staples: the divvy.

All city guilds produce these speculative lead coins, each minted in their own manner but generally rectangular and meaty, pressed with the guild insignia or ship flag. By default they are just coins of various values and convenience backed by the guild's resources, but some are more arcane.

Pirate divvies
(At any time there are 20 or so pirate ships active in Port Blacksand)
If one finds their way through the docks and into the smokey common room of The Black Lobster they'll likely find a few tables of pirate captains offering a table full of lead token. Each coin theoretically offers a stake in the ship. just bring your coins back to the captain to retrieve your share of the booty. As long as the ship doesn't end up on the bottom of the Western Ocean the share is redeemable from the current captain whenever he's in port.

Pirate divvies are always worth d12x12 pennies, only redeemable from the captain and only against his last foray. If used as currency the vendor will take a very conservative estimation of their previous hauls when valuing it.

The Guild of Thieves
Thieves coins aren't so much a currency as an insurance policy. People will buy them and then display them prominently in their homes or from their belts, places easily spotted and "redeemed" by burglars, thugs and pickpockets.

Thief divvies are the equivalent of 3p (though this can change) and one will generally cover petty larceny and assault. Burglaries will require various degrees if "insurance" to be covered, please speak to you local guild representative for details and home valuations.

Welcome to Port Blacksand. Turn to 172
The Assassins' Guild (Beggars' Coin)
Assassins' divvies are a promise and a weapon. Purchased from certain beggars, they appear like any other penny, blackened and bashed up. Closer inspection will reveal that it is not a silver penny, but lead. Only amongst new money would this be at all obvious, spurring many folk sayings to the effect of distrusting old money.

When given to an individual or placed under their doorstep, they are marked for death. Due to strong links with the thieves and beggars guilds an assassins' coin is rarely missed, it's location and personage reliably being communicated to the guild.

Importantly it is the transaction and intent, not mere possession, which secures the contract. How they ensure this accuracy and avoid killing people who have just purchased the coins is unknown, but ensures the value of the coins.

One assasins' divvy = 50p = a guaranteed assassination attempt (roll more than their social scale on a d10 to see if they succeeded)
Sorcerers' Lodge
No one uses these any more, since they have a habit of disappearing.

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