Agon gets hairy, I get busy

Rise, oh mighty blog, rise and do my bidding once more among the land of the regularly updated!

"Regularly updated" may be a bit of a push/lie, but at least it lives. Fear my resurrective powers, look upon me and know despair (I am available for childrens' parties and funerals). Also, take the time to see "the stuff what I did", as I shall be refering to this content. I'm very strick with theme here: It must be stuff, and I must have did it at some point. Strict, see?

What I did today:

I made a supplement for Agon!

Well, this isn't exactly new stuff. "Fang" was made about five years ago when I first ran Agon and found my group lacking enthusiasm for scantily clad Greeks and yet gagging for scantily clad yet hairy (important distinction) Vikings. This was a rather simple process of filing off the serial numbers and replacing them with hair, yet I was proud of it none the less. I hope someone finds it useful.