The Undercroft #9

The Undercroft #9 is done.

We'll call this the birthday issue, since it was conceived just as that date flew by and is recklessly extravagant. Nothing short of a birthday could justify such excess. 66 pages of pure gold, illustrated by the finest image fabricators in the business.

The issue is notable for having an almost full cast of Undercroft regulars, brought together in one gigantic issue alongside the new but equally majestic works of +Benjamin Baugh and +Patrick Stuart 

What's inside

Skinned Moon Daughter 
A new class for games in the Great North

101 Uses of a Hanged Man 
Systems and advice for preparing alchemical concoctions from the criminal dead

The Doctor 
A new class separating the divine from the healer

Everyone is an Adventurer 
A deconstruction of multi-classes down to its base integers

The Sickness 
A sex beast

Dead Inside 
Replacement classes for a world of sadness and pain

A sexy beast

Nine Summits and the Matter of Birth 
Cosmic disasters and antinatal cults among the island people

With artwork by +C├ędric Plante (creator of that fine cover and several internal images), +Sean Poppe+Matthew Adams, +Anxious P. and +Jeremy Duncan  (responsible for the picture below)

How to get it

Print & PDF combos are available from our shop

Just the PDFs can be obtained from PayhipRPGNow or Table Top Library when it comes back up.

And, as ever, subscriptions are available via Patreon for people who want to save a bit of money.