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Tieflings: Sins of the Mother

(Pictures that are obviously by Matthew Adams are by Matthew Adams)

Demon blood dies hard in the veins of man. Each child born on down the line attracts a gathering of aunties hoping they don't gain sight of horns or fangs or worse. They stand in silence, two buckets of water at the ready. One warm and clean, one cold and deep.

Tiefling class

Very simple. A specialist may spend 2 skill points at creation or on levelling up to gain +1 attack bonus or 1 spell "slot", i.e. you may memorise a single spell and cast it without blowing everyone up or turning them into piles of eyeballs.

If you don't want to be a gross demon baby then
at least do the sexy tiefling thing right

  • XP as Specialist and saves as Cleric
  • At creation roll on the Sins of the Mother (part 2) table 3 times. Spend 1 of your starting skill points for another roll. Only at creation, you were born with this.
  • For any purposes that may be relevant, you count as a demon. If it is important whether you are a demon OR a human, pick the most inconvenient one

Sins of the Mother

If something contradicts a prior roll ask the GM for a do-over.

Step 1: Your skin is a weird colour
  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Brown
  4. Normal fleshy colour
  5. Green
  6. Jale
  7. Orange
  8. Purple
  9. Red
  10. Ulfire
  11. White
  12. Yellow
Step 2: You came out wrong
  1. Evil eyes
    Your eyes are pitch black. Along with allowing you to see in pitch darkness you may lock eyes with someone and force them to take a magic save. If this save is failed they take -1 to all rolls until you die. They will know that this curse is your fault.

  2. Ram horns
    Almost fashionably demonic. Head-butt people for 1d6 damage

  3. Goat legs (bare bum optional)
    Move 1/3 faster than normal

  4. Corpulence
    You are incredibly fat. Circus fat. Unrelated to consumption. Even if you are starving to death you will still be obscenely fat. +5 CON

  5. Demonic muscles
    Muscles on muscles. 8-pack, square head, so on. +5 strength

  6. Prehensile tail
    Whatever form it takes, you can use it like a weak third hand. Using it to attack is at -4.

  7. Forked tongue 
    You were born to weave falsehoods into words. +1 to any rolls related to lying, disguise or other such things. The DM should give you some slack in non-rolling situations. Your tongue is also literally forked

  8. Useful Wings
    Leathery bat wings, oily vulture feathers, raw bones that make no sense. Whatever form they take means you can fly at your normal movement speed. You can't hide them.
  9. Fangs
    Impressive overbite, very obvious. Bite people for 1d6 damage. Every time you win a grapple get a free bite if you like.

  10. Gills
    Breath under water without trouble. They flap and generally look unpleasant while you talk.

  11. Trunk
    Instead of a nose, a glorious trunk. Not quite elephant length, rather 3d20 inches long. It can hold things and otherwise twitch about disturbingly. If it's at least 6 inches you can hold a knife with it.

  12. Extra arm
    Random handedness, random position. Still, an extra arm.

  13. Udders
    Your breasts are bulbous and sagging. Milk can be extruded from them with the same effects as your blood. By default that's just nourishing.

  14. Orix horns
    So much more sinister than goat horns. Not very useful for butting people, but it is mightily impressive. +1 to reaction rolls.

  15. 2d6 extra nipples
    Like it says. They serve no function beyond your normal nip abilities.

  16. Crow feet
    Your leg pinch off below the knee into huge crow feet. Clawed (1d4 damage) and spindly.

  17. Pig tail
    Not prehensile, not very useful. Painful to tuck it in, best to let it hang.

  18. Lobster hands
    You only have two big fat fingers on each hand. -1 to all manual dexterity rolls. However they're meaty and strong. +1 to any rolls involving crushing stuff in your hands

  19. Albino
    Pale white skin, pink eyes, blond hair. -1 to everything while in the sunshine

  20. Extra eye
    Random location on your body, you have an extra eye.

  21. Atrophy
    A random limb is withered. Anything performed with that member is at -2.

  22. Beak
    You talk like the bird from The Neverending Story 2. Also feel free to peck people's eyes out for 1d4

  23. Beast with a thousand...
    1.eyes 2.noses 3. ears 4. dicks/vaginas 5. tongues 6. teeth. All over your body.

  24. Bird legs
    See Crow Feet, but all the way to the torso

  25. Acid blood
    When you take more than 5 points of damage in one go everyone adjacent to you saves vs. breath or gets your alien blood on them. 1d4 damage per turn until a round is spent wiping it off.

  26. Boils
    Pustules, foetid sores, weeping skin, you have it all. It doesn't cause you much discomfort, you're used to it. The exact blemishes come and go, but you are always covered in them. -2 to reaction rolls. However, sentient, sane folks must save vs poison to hold it togehter enough to grapple you. If they fail they miss their turn from flinching.

  27. Breathe fire
    Bit of a misnomer. Rather than exhaling fire you may breathe it in. Smoke, flames, volcanic fumes, all good to you. Normal heat doesn't bother you, though a magic fireball will still mess you up.

  28. Centaur
    Go here and roll a d6. You are half that.

  29. Claws
    Strong stinky claws grow from your fingers and toes. Shoes may prove a problem. 1 in 6 chance they're retractable. D4 damage

  30. Cyclops
    You've got one big eye in the middle of your forehead. -1 to shooting things. However, you can see the future. This sight is limited to the event of your own death. In game terms, this means you can tell the GM once per game "this isn't how I die", and you don't. Can't be used where you're deliberately putting yourself in a fatal situation.

  31. Blood hunger
    The blood of fiends flows close to the surface. Once per day you can go mental, screaming and raging. All you can do is attack, rip and tear. No sensible chatting or fine manipulation. Let it all out slugger. Get +(your level) to all rolls involving hitting and damaging. You must attack every round, even if it's your friends. You only quell the blood hunger on a successful poison save (taken at the start of your turn if you want) or when rendered unconscious.

  32. Excrement blood
    Yes, poo blood. It flows thickly through your veins. If your skin is pale you are streaked with dark veins. If you take 5+ damage in one go everyone near you must save vs. poison or be stunned from the stink and getting blood-poo in their hair.

  33. Metal blood
    Liquid metal! Silver veins. People wounding (5+) you need to save vs. breath or take 1d6 damage from molten hot metal

  34. Mucous blood
    Thick green-yellow filth. If you're ever told you're bleeding out get bonuses to not do it. Your blood is slow and sticky.

  35. Mud blood
    Peaty earth blood. Smells nice.

  36. Poison blood
    Save vs breath or have to save vs. poison from getting this in your mouth. Anyone failing dies. Yup.

  37. Bird blood
    Small sparrows burst out of any suitably severe wound (5+). This is incredibly painful, causing 1d6 damage, but the birds fly right at the enemy's face, giving him -2 to stuff and dealing d6 damage. Every turn more birds burst out unless you put a hand over it and make calming noises to them. After the enemy is dead they just fly away.

  38. Tar blood
    Thick and black. Anyone causing you 5+ damage bust pass a strength test or their weapon gets stuck in you.

  39. Plant blood
    White/green sap blood. You are always fragrant.

  40. Vomit blood
    Stinking chunky filth bursts out of wounds (5+) with great pressure. Saves vs breath to anyone next to you. They must save vs magic or roll on this list.

  41. Wind blood
    A yawning portal to Pandemonium lays at your heart. When wounded (5+) the yowling madness escapes. Everyone except the tiefling must save vs magic or be stunned for a turn.

  42. Boneless
    Born without bones, a truly horrific experience for those witnessing. You can't wear armour because of your fluid form, but otherwise function normally. Small spaces are pretty easy to deal with.

  43. Corrosive vomit
    Once per day you may squirt out your guts. This deals 1d10 damage and ignores armour. Saves vs breath for half.

  44. Crown of flesh
    You have a series of protruding growths on your head that look distinctly crown-like. +3 reaction from demons. -1 from everyone else.

  45. Detachable limbs
    If a limb is severed it still functions normally. However they don't reattach themselves. Instead you'd need to brace them to yourself some how. This applies to everything, even your head. Dismemberment still hurts and can kill you, but only through damage, not automatically.

  46. Dripping puss
    You leave a trail of thick red & green puss everywhere you go. It stinks, makes you easy to follow and attracts flies. -2 reaction in confined spaces and +2 to track you.

  47. Emaciated
    Always painfully thin regardless of lifestyle. You only need to eat half as much as a normal person.

  48. Enormous head
    Your head is 2d2 times as big as normal, giving you an ogre-ey look. Helmets no longer fit.

  49. Extra joints
    A random limb has extra joints. Your unusual snake-like movements make it very hard to grapple you. +2 on grapple tests.

  50. Back mouth
    You have a second mouth in the back of your head. You don't control it and should be considered a separate character with a distinct personality. It can and in fact needs to eat and drink, but you have no idea where it all goes.

  51. Eyestalks
    Your eyes extend from your sockets on stalks. Besides being a bit gross it isn't hugly useful. -1 in grapple test 'cos people quickly learn to grab you by the eyeballs.

  52. Feathers
    50/50 partial/full coverage. If partial, roll for location. It'll be symmetrical. Roll on the skin colour table for a suitable colour for them.

  53. Faceless
    You were born with no eyes, no nose, no ears or mouth! The demonchild can't speak but seems to hear and see perfectly well. Doesn't need food or water to survive.

  54. Fits
    Save vs. magic when exposed to a certain trigger (see table) or fit out, foaming at the mouth. Save each turn to come round. When recovered you are at -4 to everything until you rest.

  55. Foetid touch
    Your hands are slick and sweaty with disease. If anything you touch comes into contact with an open wound or someone's mouth they must save vs poison or contract dysentery.

  56. Fur
    It can be patchy or luxurious, your choice. Slight resistance to mundane cold.

  57. Huge X
    One random limb is twice as big as it should be. Double its damage.

  58. Spines
    A crest of spines runs from your forehead, down your back and to the base of your spine. You need to get creative with clothing. -1 to people grappling you, those things hurt.

  59. Headless
    Born without a head. You can sense everything within 20 metres of you as though you had normal senses, somehow. Unfortunately you do still need to eat by stuffing book and water down an unpleasant hole in your neck stump. Eesh.

  60. Hideous
    You're ugly as sin. But normal ugly. A terribly ugly person. People often judge you by it and consider it to represent your true nature. -2 to reaction rolls and loyalty checks.

  61. Frog legs
    You have long bouncy frog legs. You appear smaller because of how you stand (like a frog) but you're normal height. You can jump 15 feet straight upwards.

  62. Hunchback
    You have a malformed hump back. Armour costs three times as much since it must be custom made.

  63. Hypnotic gaze
    Lock eyes with someone and speak gently to them with your demon tongue. Once per day, as charm person.

  64. Inside out
    OH DEAR GOD LET IT DIE. Functionally uninteresting, but your skin is inside out. You leave sticky patches when you sit down and can fake death really well.

  65. Conjoined internal twinYour parents dismissed your friend as imaginary, a result of the other children being scared of you. Only when they put their ears to your chest and heard to voice inside did they come to realise when you were. Your inside-brother gives good advice, but is very pre-occupied with self preservation. You are his world.

  66. Hatred
    You hate something (see trigger table). While in its presence you gain -1 to all non violent rolls and +1 to the opposite. You must save vs. magic to not assault your source of hatred if given the opportunity.

  67. Large ears
    Large and saggy like an elephant. Keeps you cool in the summer but otherwise harmless.

  68. Thick skin
    Your basic AC is increased to 13 due to your crusty, calloused skin. Constantly itchy.

  69. Long legs
    Your legs are twice as long as they should be. You can move 1/3 faster than other people, but your height is often a problem.

  70. Long neck
    Long snakelike neck. You can twist it 180 degrees!

  71. Long nose
    Long and saggy. -1 in grapples 'cos people tend to grab it.

  72. Mad as trousers
    You're generally a bit barmy and once per game the DM can switch a decision you make to the opposite if they think you've not been suitably unhinged.

  73. Immune to magic
    Magic washes over you like water. Any magic that demands an internal change in your will have no effect. You can't be mind controlled, exploded or healed. However a fireball or summoned hyena could still do you in.

  74. Mane
    You have a fabulous mane.

  75. Face twin
    Emerging from a random location (see table) is a malformed foetal twin. It gibbers and twitches at convenient intervals. Screams when in the presence of something (trigger table)

  76. Massive smartness
    You're were born with knowledge, an old soul. Probably literally. You have memories of fire and a fall. Either way, +5 intelligence.

  77. Useless Wings
    Vestigial wings on your back. Their look is up to you, but all they do is flap excitedly.

  78. Shadow
    Your shadow is an active limb. Anything it falls on can be manipulated as though you touched it. Unfortunately this also goes for damage. If someone stabs your shadow it's like stabbing you.

  79. Multiple heads
    You have an extra head. Create it as a henchman without strength, dexterity or constitution. It will have a class and a personality and demand it's fair cut.

  80. Sharp tongue
    Your tongue is like that of a chameleon, but sharp and strong. You can extend it to 3 metres and use it to grab things or cause d4 damage.

  81. Tiny head
    Your head, and the brain in it, are teeny tiny. -d6 intelligence and charisma. +2 vs mind control effects.

  82. Poison bite
    Once per day you can bite someone and poison them. They must save vs poison or die

  83. Scales
    50/50 partial/full cover. Either way, gives you added protection (base ac 14) and looks good.

  84. Scorpion tail
    A huge chitinous tail erupts from the base of your spine, easily 4 metres long. It can lash out for d6 damage, causing a save vs poison in those taken damage. They must save every turn or take a further d4

  85. Rearranged face
    Randomise that face. You look like a Mr. Potato head. This changes every time you wake up.

  86. Short legs
    Half the length of normal legs. Half movement.

  87. Soulless
    When people look into your mind they see a gaping void. There's nothing. You are spiritually barren. Godly magic can't affect you and you are immune to effects that play with your emotions.
  88. Pig snout
    Oink. +2 to finding truffles or other stinky ground food

  89. Weird voice
    Your voice...: 1:always echoes 2:booms 3:squeeky like a mouse 4:hissy like a snake 5:slurping, drool covered words 6:only speaks backwards

  90. Suckers
    You have an array of suckers on d3 ransom loactions. These assist in grappling (+1 per location) and can hold things. Also look gross.

  91. Thorns
    Your skin is covered in fine, small thorns that break off when brushed against like a cactus or rose. d2 automatic damage to anyone you touch or grapple. The life of a thorny tiefling is a lonely one.

  92. Impressive Eyebrows
    Enormous or exotic, whatever form they take they are mightily interesting.

  93. Trail of slime
    Your lower body is that of a huge slug. You move at half speed and leave a stinking trail of slime everywhere you go.

  94. Tentacle arm
    A random arm is of the octopoid variety. Very useful for grappling (+2) and fitting into tight spaces.

  95. Tentacle fingers
    Like the arm (above) only less useful and more disgusting. +1 grapple.

  96. Unnatural appetite
    You eat and only eat: 1: Blood 2:Children 3:Dung 4:Hair 5:Paint 6:Pets 7:Teeth 8:Tears. You need nothing else!

  97. VileYou unconsciously act in ways that offend others. Most people learn to hate you pretty quickly. -10 Charisma

  98. Snail Skin
    Your skin is covered with the thin delicate shell of a snail. It cracks and oozes easily, offering no protection. All it does is give you the appearance of sappy bark.

  99. Radiant
    Your skin glows faintly like the fires of hell. It is alluring. +3 reaction/intimidation rolls. Also casts a dull light, like a candle.

  100. Demonbreed
    You are resilient and powerful, people whisper that your demonic heritage is closer than your mother claimed. Double your HP and optionally remove one Sin of your choice.

Location Maker (roll d12)

When you need a random location, come here


1- Head
  1. L.Eye
  2. R.Eye
  3. L.Ear
  4. R.Ear
  5. Nose
  6. Mouth
  7. Forehead
  8. Back of the head
  9. Top of the head
  10. Neck
2,3- Chest
  1. L.Breast
  2. R.Breast
  3. Middle of your chest
  4. Back
4- Abdomen
  1. Stomach
  2. Dick
  3. Bum
5,6- Right/left arm
  1. Shoulder
  2. Elbow
  3. Somewhere inconveniently in-between
7,8- Right/Left Hand
  1. Palm
  2. Back of hand
  3. End of a finger
9,10- Right/Left Leg
  1. Thigh
  2. Knee
  3. Shin
11,12-Right/left foot
  1. Top of foot
  2. End of toe
  3. Sole of foot

Trigger Table

  1. Critics
  2. Music
  3. Children
  4. Philosophers
  5. Cats
  6. Lightning
  7. Rain
  8. Direct sunshine
  9. Heights
  10. Pain
  11. Sexual attraction
  12. Water
  13. Laughter
  14. Fire
  15. Confined spaces
  16. The touch of iron
  17. Insects
  18. Priests
  19. Blood
  20. Physical contact

Histories of Greed and Mettle



House rule note: HP as fighter

Dwarf is dwarf
Dwarves are genderless. They are immune to all compulsions that play on a creature's desire for the opposite sex.

This also means they don't have sexual organs. Instead of urinating they excrete through sweating. Thus explaining their odour.

Gold Eater
May eat gems and rare metals as a food replacement. They in fact far prefer the taste of rare minerals to mundane food.

Fey Moods
Starting at level 2 and at every even level after dwarves are taken by a fey mood; a primal desire to create something beautiful and highly specific. The notion springs fully formed into their heads, the hows and whats of it, that this will go here and that will go there and on top we will menace it with spikes.

Exactly what it will be isn't necessarily known, but hunches will evolve as the piece does. Once it's completed the dwarf may either keep it or cash it in for twice its value in XP. Just the dwarf gets this, no sharing. (DM makes this up when it's finished. Be cool)

If the dwarf does not complete his masterpiece by the time another mood strikes he will be blighted by melancholy. Until the next fey mood the dwarf is tormented by the guilt of his failure, by the shapes and textures he could not realise. This manifests most concretely as a tangible malaise.

Until resolved...

  • You are immune to happiness. Charms simple do not work. 
  • Cynicism reigns. Illusions and fear effects always allow a save.
  • The world has lost its colour. Roll twice on Search or noticing-things rolls, picking the worst result.
  • Deep down you wish you had simply died. Healing is half as effective.

To generate a fey mood roll on the following set of tables:

You are desirous of making...
  1. a piece of furniture
  2. armaments
  3. a support structure
  4. a knick-knack
  5. a magic item
  6. A dwarf

  1. Door
  2. Chair
  3. Sarcophagus
  4. Cage
  5. Table
  6. Bed
  7. Statue
  8. Gallows

  1. Sword
  2. Axe
  3. Mace
  4. Chainmail
  5. Plate
  6. Scale
  7. Gun
  8. Siege weapon

3-Support structure (dwarves are known to make these in the middle of nowhere seemingly at random)
  1. Pillar
  2. Arch

  1. Jigsaw puzzle
  2. Ornamental tree
  3. Flute
  4. Toy boat
  5. Skull paperweight
  6. Jacobs Ladder
  7. Rubix cube
  8. Clockwork tea server

5-Magic item
Roll again but it's magic. Effects are down to the DM, who has a 1 in 6 chance of telling you what it does.

6-A dwarf
Making a dwarf is a very personal experience. This will require a safe place where the sculpting can take place. Here the dwarf will take shape from gold and jewels and cloth and bone. Once finished a new full grown and fully mature (level 1) dwarf will be born, turn to its creator and exchange a nod of mutual respect.
What happens if the dwarf is magic? They are born rune-etched, flesh marked in metal and gems, forming primeval shapes. Inspired and inspiring.

Which requires...

Roll one material per current level

  1. Stone
  2. Wood
  3. Metal
  4. Glass
  5. Leather
  6. Cloth
  7. Bone
  8. Gems

  1. Rock salt
  2. Coprolite
  3. Granite
  4. Basalt
  5. Obsidian
  6. Marble
  7. Slate
  8. Demon's heart


  1. Ebony
  2. Chestnut
  3. Fungiwood
  4. Mahogany
  5. Mangrove
  6. Oak
  7. Ironwood
  8. Yggdrasil


  1. Gold
  2. Brass
  3. Meteoric iron 
  4. Lead
  5. Grey Adamant
  6. Silver
  7. Tin
  8. Quicksilver


  1. Obsidian
  2. Manmade
  3. Dragonglass
  1. Horse
  2. Monkey
  3. Elephant
  4. Mouse
  5. Cat
  6. Elf
  7. Whale
  8. Cow
  1. Silk
  2. Velvet
  3. Sack cloth
  4. Cotton
  5. Adamantine
  6. Hair
  7. Linen
  8. Asbestos
  1. Snail shell
  2. Dog
  3. Human
  4. Pig
  5. Carp
  6. Lobster
  7. Walrus baculum
  8. Unicorn horn

  1. Emerald
  2. Black Pearl
  3. Star ruby
  4. Topaz
  5. Amber
  6. Opal
  7. Garnet
  8. Changeling's heart

EDIT: Have a name generator
(entirely lifted from the .txt files of Dwarf Fortress)