1. The attacking player rolls a number of d6 equal to their FIGHTING NUMBER, keeping the result hidden. The fighting number should be between 4 and 6 I reckon.
  2. They then declare what they rolled. THIS CAN BE A LIE. Looking for pairs, triples etc. and highest value.
  3. The defender then either ACCEPTS the decision and doesn't get to see the attacker's dice (skip to step 5), making what their opponent said true, OR CHALLENGES it.
  4. IF THEY CHALLENGE: The attacker reveals their dice. If the attacker was lying, the attacker takes one hit. If the attacker was telling the truth they get to just keep the roll and the challenger takes one hit.
  5. The defender then rolls d6 equal to their fighting number and tries to beat what their opponent rolled (quadruples beat triples beat pairs etc, high beats low.)
  6. Whoever rolled the biggest and highest set (in that order or importance) deals damage to the opponent equal to 1 plus the difference. (so two pairs vs. would see the loser taking 1 damage, single high number vs triple would see them take 3 damage)


  1. The DEFENDER rolls dice equal to their DODGING NUMBER (4-6)
  2. The ATTACKER rolls dice equal to their SHOOTING NUMBER (4-6 again probably)
  3. The attacker then compares their dice to the defender's looking for matched numbers. Pick one matched number, if any, and deal damage equal to the number or those numbers you have. 
SO: Bob rolls 1,1,3,5 for shooting Susan. Susan rolls 1,3,6,6. Since Bob matched the 1 and got two 1s, he deals 2 damage to Susan. He could pick the 3 and do one damage, but that's silly.

Retired warriors

The village's local retired adventurer.

  1. He
  2. She

  1. old, almost spent
  2. past their prime
  3. too young for the burden they carry
  4. in what to others would be their prime

and has a reputation as...

  1. the local drunk, harmless.
  2. a raging drunk, don't make eye contact or you'll see the demons.
  3. a broken soul, take pity.
  4. a hard worker that never speaks of their past.
  5. a recluse with an old sword from their days in the wars.
  6. an inveterate story teller, entertaining the adults and terrifying the children.

Their past is...
  1. filled with violence committed for others.
  2. one of avaricious plunder.
  3. warhearted and swordblooded.
  4. adventure and wild romance.
  5. glorious and sung.
  6. a tightly held secret.
Their services can be gained...
  1. with a handful of silver.
  2. for a worthy cause.
  3. for a bottle of the good stuff.
  4. with the chance for redemption.
  5. with the promise of escape from this life.
  6. over their dead body.
If taken on, beware that they will...

  1. break into inconsolable hysterics at the sight of a dead child.
  2. drink every drop of alcohol while you sleep, if able, and stagger the whole day through.
  3. be frozen by the sound of distant howls.
  4. be unable to be in the presence of cooking meat.
  5. constantly count their equipment. Check and re-check. One, two, three, one, two, three.
  6. , if party to the killing of innocents, wander off into the night never to be seen again.