Art Preservation

Here, have a list of excellent artists that I have had reason to interact with.
 This was maintained on G+ but somebody decided to ruin that. For now I'm just cutting and pasting it here but I'll tart it up later.

 +Evlyn M -
 +Matthew Adams -
 +Simon Forster -
 +Claytonian JP -
 +Jeremy Duncan -
 +Jim Magnusson -
+Sean Poppe -
 +Anxy Anxy -
 +Nicolò Maioli -
 Louise Perfect, who doesn't do the internet (I can get you in touch if you want) +Oli Palmer -
 +Andrew Walter -
+Jason Sholtis -
 +cecil howe -
 +Dirk Detweiler Leichty -
 +Courtney Campbell -