Dastardly Wizardry

Wizarding Roll
Roll 2d6 and get less than or equal to your MAGIC + Magic-Wizardry talent. Higher rolls are failures (resources are still spent). Double 6s are catastrophic failures and roll on the Oops Table.

If you are interrupted (take damage, knocked over, etc.) you fail.

Wizardry is never sneaky.

Resisting Wizardry
If a spell can be resisted it will be in the description. Just test your LUCK. The caster can make this harder by spending more resources to cast the spell, giving a -1 penalty per point spent.

Learning New Wizard Spell

  • Spells must be taught or stolen
  • Takes one week per MP cost of the spell to be learnt
  • Tuition costs 250p per week. Theft has its own cost.
  • Finally, pay 1xp per MP of the spell to memorise it

To Cast:

Add MAGIC to Magic: Wizardry, this is your Arcane Power. Roll against this to cast spells.

Spells cost varying amounts of Magic Points (MP), which are spent to cast them. You can spend extra MP to gain +1s on the casting roll.

You start with double your Arcane Power in MP.

Wizardry Casting Situation
Each round of preparation before casting
Peace and quiet
Not under attack
Being shot
Being stabbed

Hard to use while wearing armour, thus a wizard's reputation for being weedy.

Armour Worn
Extra MP Cost
Additional +4

Starting Spells
You start the game with spells of equal MP value to your total Magic Points. No spells chosen may cost more than 4MP.


The wizard merely touching someone can shake up their mind like a snow globe.The will take all active rolls at -6 until their head clears (3 minutes)

As everyone know, wizards are excellent ventriloquists. So good in fact that they can throw their voice inside another's mouth. They can target anyone within sight and can transmit a short sentence.

Summon a stationary, perfect sphere of darkness up to five metres from the wizard for up to three minutes. Extinguishes all light sources.

In the eyes of one poor fellow, the wizard grow into a primal monster from the depths their lizard brain. They will attempt to flee, otherwise they will curl up in a ball and whimper. They may test Luck to resist the illusion, lasts for three minutes.

Fire Bolt
Shoot impressive flames from your fingertips, dealing 1d6 damage to one target within 20 metres unless they test their Luck to dive out of the way.

The wizard claps neatly, issuing forth the light of a thousand suns. Most unpleasant. All within 20 metres must test their Luck or be blinded for 1d6 turns.

Fabricate an illusion that fools one target. They may test Luck when interacting with it to unveil the trickery.

Create an ethereal orb of light that glows like a torch. Lasts 15 minutes and can be extinguished at will.

Magically lock an object. The object must have a lockable aspect to it, but the lock is now magically sealed. Lasts for 15 minutes.

The wizard chooses a reality wherein the lock was open all along. Can be used to counteract a Lock spell.

Open up the mind to universal love and cause two subjects to test their Luck or cease hostilities with each other. They will still defend themselves if attacked but will at least appreciate the pettiness of it.

Personalize Spell
Wizards pride themselves on innovation and research, attribute huge prestige to knowing the most unique and rare spells. Others settle for the outward appearance of individuality, with this simple spell. The wizard may tack this on to another casting to make it superficially different.

The common man does not appreciate exactly how close flesh and iron are when considered relatively to, say, flesh and the smell of hot tea. With some slight convincing the wizard may cause a targets flesh to behave as though it had the desirable properties of metal. They get +1 Skill, immunity to modestly proportioned fires, and a bump up in armour for 3 minutes. 

Endows one with the strength of an ogre. Lasts for 3 minutes or one task.

A favourite for impressing locals while travelling the provincial expanses of the Road. The wizard raises his arms and shouts something suitably ominous, then all within 20 metres must test Luck or be deafened by a riotous roll of emphatic thunder. Luck or no, they will be mightily impressed.

Tongue Twister
Beware! For if a wizard screws his nose and twists his fingers at you, then a tongue twister is coming your way. The target must test Luck or have their tongue literally tied in knots. This requires some time and a fair bit of patience to disentangle.

A handy spell only requiring the flick of a wrist. In response to being fired upon the wizard may cast this spell to have the missile be deflected.

Open a small portal to the sphere of hopelessness within the subject's mind. Reduce their Skill by 1d6 for 3 minutes.


Cause inanimate objects to question their place. One object up to the size of a baby can be caused to hop around and do whatever else the wizard wishes of it. To affect more or larger objects simple pay more to cast it. 

The wizard's hands work elemental material as though it were soft clay. Fire, stone, goo, earth, fog, all of it behaves like clay under his touch for 9 minutes.

Creates a mysterious and specifically shaped cone of air around a touched targets head. They may continue to breather the freshest of air for 12 minutes.

A reckless disregard for safety leads the wizard to consider gluing spells together. Pay for this spell to then cast two spells in tandem.

A simple but effect summoning of fire. Once present it's actions can't be accounted for, however. Summon a fire the size of a small bonfire somewhere within 12 metres of the wizard.

The wizard works on disentangling a spell from this instance of reality. To do so they must pay 2 MP and suffer a casting penalty equal to the original spell cost. If attempting to confound a spell of a different discipline the wizard must pay MP equal to the unfamiliar tradition's equivalent to Arcane Power (magic+something).

The wizard reaches into his sockets and extricates his eyes. Thus freed, the dark void behind them can see perfectly well in pitch blackness and suffer excruciating pain in light (-4 to all rolls). Be careful not to lose those eyeballs though, they are the only way to end the spell.

Thought Vapour
The wizard can cause his nose to exist in multiple alternative planes, travel through various spheres, and enable the olfactory sensation of thought. Emotions, attitudes, underlying feelings can be smelt. No words or images are formed, just impressions. Any suitably strong odour will make this very difficult.

Endows the wizard engorged, plate-like eyes, able to see in minute detail for miles around.

Force Bolt 
An arc of lightning jumps between you and a target with a satisfying crack, dealing d6 damage.

The wizard forms a mouth with his hands, which can speak any language. He can simultaneously cup his hands to his ear to understand them in return. Lasts for one conversation.

Elevates the wizard or another on the backs of tiny invisible sprites who answer only to their summoner. May float about for 3 minutes. 

Mirror Selves
In the mind of one subject, the wizard appears to be, in fact, three wizards. All three will perform the same actions in unison, offering the target inly a 1 in 3 chance of targeting the right wizard, all three of which are able to hurt him in response.

See Through
The wizard rubs a surface, gradually causing it to become see-through from one side. Immensely handy. Lasts until the wizard looks away.

The wizard plucks a bit of his mind out like candy floss and leaves it stuck to a wall somewhere. This psychic presence is invisible to the naked eye but extends the wizards senses to that spot for the duration. While it lasts the wizard suffers -2 to all rolls due to the incredible confusion this generates. If the shard is discovered and harmed the wizard will take 2 Skill damage due to the shock.

The wizard may wildly gesticulate at a brittle object no larger than an umbrellas and cause it to shatter into a million pieces. To affect larger objects, pay more. Living targets may test their Luck to avoid this unpleasant spell.

The wizard convinces a target to forgo wakefulness for a time, causing them to sleep for three minutes unless they are Lucky.

Starry Orb
The wizard creates a 5th dimensional orb above his head. All intelligent beings who look at it must test their Luck or marvel at it for the duration. Lasts 3 minutes.


Arrow Snake
Turn an arrow in sight into a small venomous snake (10/4).

When wizards need answers wizards mumble to themselves until the answer is made apparent. The thing being sought must be specific and the direction is only given in terms of compass points.

Cause an item to grow half its size again. Lasts for three minutes.

The wizard turns flesh into refractive crystal sheets. It's very uncomfortable and you make a slight shish-ing sound as you move, but you are quite invisible and don't suffer from the usual limitations of illusions. Mind, it is just your flesh. Lasts for 3 minutes, after which you noisily reform into dull and frustratingly opaque flesh.

Lightning bursts from the wizard's outstretched fingers, ziping and zaping about. Quite a show. Deals 2d6 damage to one target.

Cause a subject to be fixed in place. While they are so held they do not move, breath, fall, perspire, acquire or otherwise change. Totally immune to harm, in fact. Lasts for three minutes.

Cause something to reduce by half its size. Lasts three minutes.

A very simple spell. Arguably it's not even a spell, rather a premeditated failure of catastrophioc proportions. The wizard may cause an object of up to one cubic metre to explode as though filled with gunpowder. He must concentrate for 15 minutes per metre, and may stack up uses of this spell to affect larger objects.

The wizard may permanently gift a touched subject with gills, completely replaceing their usual breathing arrangement. Very useful for underwater excursion, not so useful when inflicted upon a chap in the middle of town. The wizard may end this at will.

This spell, when cast upon a liquid, causes it to become deadly poison. The liquid deals 4 damage if drunk and may deal an additional 1 damage per extra MP spent in the original casting. The liwuid loses its potency after an hour.


A popular spell whose only use is to turn troublesome folks into humiliating animals. The target must test their Luck of be permanently turned into a small insignificant creature of the wizard's choice

Assume Shape
The wizard undergoes a distressing transformation into an inanimate object no bigger than a piano and no smaller than a cup. Lasts until ended.

Exchange Shape
What looks like a hug is in fact fell wizardy! The wizard bumps into another and exchanges bodies. Lasts until the wizard chooses to end it, but they must be within sight of each other for this to happen.

Banish Spirit
The wizard explains, clearly, sternly, why it is impossible that the spirit should be here at this time. The spirit must test its Luck or be sent to somewhere less improbable.

The wizard waves his hands in the air like he just doesn't care. Which he likely doesn't, being a wizard. This causes a mighty gust that will knock everyone over within 30 metres who doesn't test their Luck, dealing 1d3 damage and making an awful mess. Lasts for 10 minutes, test Luck every turn if not laying down.

Whether opening a portal to the plane of slime or channelling the sprites of sickness, all can agree that it is quite disgusting when the wizard blows forth the "web" from his nose. All in a cone extending 10 metres in front of the wizard are trapped unless they test their Luck. Each turn anything passing through or out of it must test Luck or become stuck.

Wall of Power
What they call a wall is in fact a dome, but wizards always have worked in mysterious ways. The wall is a shimmering bubble that causes d6 damage when touched. Nothing may pass without the wizards permission (it is recommended they remember to allow air). Lasts for 3 minutes.


The wizard or a target of his choosing may travel to any location, absolutely anywhere, instantly. If they are unfamiliar with the location they must test their Luck or be thrown wildly off course.

The wizard hikes up his robe and stomps his wizzend feet. An area 30 metres around him suffers a massive earthquake. Everyone must test Luck or fall through a crack in the earth, taking 2d6 damage and being stuck in a bloody great big hole. Buildings may be wrecked unless especially sturdy.

Assassin's Dagger
Evocatively named, but actually quite mundane. The wizard whispers to an object, that object then seeks out and vigorously and repeatedly bumps into the target. Obviously if you whisper to a poisoned dagger the results are one thing, while doing it to a letter is another. Travels any distance, always arrives (eventually).

A very simple switch from one adjacent state to another. Kill a being that has less Stamina than you have Arcane Power.

Making New Wizard Spells

Wizards are always making new spells. They are usually gaudy, transgressive, and wilfully ignorant of the laws of reality. 

However, this academic pursuit is outside the remit of the adventuring wizard. If you do insist on making fresh spells assume they take 1 year of intensive study per MP of the spell. At the end of each year the wizard must test their Wizardry, if they fail they hit a dead end and must start over. Each year of study costs 13,000p for room, board, and study materials.

Now you know why wizards are so pernickety.

All effects of the Oops table below are permanent unless obviously not and will require a visit to your local priest or cunning man for disentanglement.

Oops table - d66

A flash, followed by an ominous shriek - the caster has turned into a goat.
Twenty-five years of the wizards life drop away in an instant, possibly making him a very small child. If younger than twenty-five already then he disappears into cosmic pre-birth.
A small shoal of herring and the water they had previously swum in materialises above the caster and everyone else standing close by.
The wizard no longer speaks or understands any known tongue, instead favouring a slightly unpleasant language seemingly made up of shrieks and whispers.
The most feared of adolescent academy curses: hiccups! Until dispelled the wizard hiccups uncontrollable, suffering -4 to further attempts at magic.
The wizard grows an attractive tail.
All currency in the wizards' possession turns into beautiful and appropriately coloured butterflies that flap off into the sky in a pleasing manner.
A very surprised orc appears beside the caster (7/8 - Sword). Truly, they are the most despised in creation.
The casters hair turns white and never goes back.
The shoes of a random ally catch fire.
The wizard grows a small pair of goat horns.
All of the wizard's body hair falls out with an audible "Fuff!".
All weapons of war in the vicinity turn into flowers.
The wizard changes sex and becomes decidedly handsome.
The wizard disappears in a puff of smoke, never to be seen again.
The wizard's hands find a mind of their own and take a severe disliking to the tyranny of the mind. They set about choking him to death, only to lapse back into servitude as soon as he passes out.
All animals in the vicinity are brought back to life. This notably includes rations and leather armour, which will crawl and flap about blindly.
A sickness overcomes the wizard, causing him to cough up a thick black fluid. The fluid flows away as though in a hurry to be somewhere. The wizard will soon hear rumours and suffer accusations due to the workings of a sinister doppelgänger.
Everyone in the vicinity turns into a pig, except for one embarrassed wizard.
An overflow of plasmic fluid has found its way into your head. Your eyes catch fire, causing flames to shoot forth every time you open them. You are now either blind or incinerating things.
All vegetation within a mile withers and dies.
A pool of colour opens up under the wizard, sucking him and any other unlucky nearby souls into it. They will be whipped off to a random sphere of existence.

All liquid within 12 metres turns to milk. That milk then curdles.
A random spectator's bones mysteriously disappear. Even more mysteriously he doesn't seem overly put out by the effect. He can't fight or cast magic and can only very slowly shuffle about as a gelatinous blob of flesh, but he's generally unharmed by it. After d6 hours the bones pop back into place from wherever they went.
An inanimate object in the wizards possession gains sentience and a voice. Its attitude is up for the GM to decide.

A portal is opened to a paradigmatic battleground, allowing an angelic or demonic figure to pop through.

A gout of steam shoots out from the wizard causing them to shoot off in a random direction at great speed.

The wizard suffers a coughing fit for d6 turns, after which d6 gremlins (7/4) tumble out and start biting peoples faces.

The wizard instantly grows an enormous shaggy beard. It tumbles down to the floor and gets in the way. -2 to everything until you tame that beast.

The wizard becomes 20 years older.

All metal within 20 metres becomes incredibly hot for d6 turns. Anyone wearing armour or carrying weapons must take d6 damage per turn.

The wizards teeth all fall out. The sudden loss causes him to be at -4 to making magic due to his poor diction. After an hour a fresh set grow in.

An entirely different and random spell goes off, directed at the same target.

The wizard is cursed with poetry. Until cured he can only speak in rhyming couplets.

The wizard issues forth a mighty sneeze, knocking everyone over in front of him and dealing d6 damage unless they test their Luck.
The spell being cast won't stop. It goes completly haywire, out of control, firing off madly until the wizard is subdued.

The Spellmakers

Sorcerers consider themselves to be more disciplined and academic than wizards. Rather than forcing magic into form they work with what is arround them. Far safer, more predictable. If magic were wood, they say, the sorcerer would scour the shore for driftwood, only working with what he found, while the wizard would take his axe to the trees and still be surprised when they fell on him.

  • Spellmaking is equal to Skill+Magic:Sorcery
  • Every morning draw scrabble tiles equal to Spellmaking
  • To cast a spell, form the spell name
  • Discard a tile to cause it to become "wild", standing in for any letter.
  • May test Luck to re-draw tiles. E.g. Discard 4, draw 4.

If you don't own a scrabble set use this table. Roll once per point of Spellmaking (Skill+Sorcery). Produces similar effects, less fun.

1-12 - E
13-21 - A
22-30 - I
31-38 - O
39-44 - N
45-50 - R
51-56 - T
57-60 - L
61-64 - S
65-68 - U
69-72 - D
73-75 - G
76-77 - B
78-79 - C
80-81 - M
82-83 - P
84-85 - F
86-87 - H
88-89 - V
90-91 - W
92-93 - Y
94 - K
95 - J
96 - X
97 - Q
98 - Z
99-100 - Wild

Or use this

Sorcerous makings

Sorcerers are subtle makers of magic, using only nimble movements and poses to perform their work. Unless obviously elsewise, their magic is quiet, only requiring free movement of the body. Armour imposes a 1 letter penalty per degree of protection.

The sorcerer inflates their body to three times their usual size.

A target of this spell must test their Luck or be dumbfounded. Beware, for a confused creature can be still more dangerous.

The sorcerer corrects the energies of another, causing them to regain D6 Stamina.

Unlocks the locked, unbolts the bolted. Any mundane hindrance will be undone.

Cause a creature to test its Luck or act as though it were trapped in a dream. Their movements will be one sixth as fast and they will appear as though floating through time.

The caster can throw a glamour upon an object, causing it to appear as a bountiful piles of riches. The reactions of those seeing it are their own.

Cause a creature to drop what it is holding.

The sorcerer may alter his relationship with gravity, causing himself to float gently to the ground for a number of minutes equal to Spellmaking.

A making of distant sight. The sorcerer may have visions of the near-future, though they are vague and out of his control.

This making will fix a person or object in time and space, causing it to remain so until the sorcerer leaves the vicinity.

Creates an invisible barrier in front of the sorcerer, guided by his spread palm. No magic may pass without permission for turns equal to his Spellmaking, but must be maintained.

The sorcerer issues a billowing fog from his fingers. It will fill enclosed places quickly, causing all those within to be blinded, but outside is will dissipate readily. 

The sorcerer may cause themselves to appear terrifying. All those watching must test their Luck or become hopelessly intimidated.

Cause those interacting with the caster to take an instant liking to them. They will not act outside of their manner, but they will treat them like an old friend.

Create a flaming ball from thin air. Engulfs one target for 2d6 damage and they must test their Luck of be set ablaze.

The sorcerer can predict the next step towards the safest route to escape. It can indicate the correct doorway or turning, the left or the right, and so on.

The sorcerer may huff and may puff and may blow forth a mighty gale. Man-sized targets may tumble and fall, objects can be knocked off shelves and feeble constructions may be toppled.

Open a subject's mind to the pipping beyond the edge of creation. They will dance madly until they successfully test their Luck.

This versatile making can cause a number of creatures equal to Spellmaking to believe an illusion fabricated by the sorcerer. It can be anything he wishes, but if he or anyone else acts in such a way as to compromise the verisimilitude of the vision, its effect is immediately lost.

This spell causes a creature from the mirror spheres to pass through and make battle with it's counterpart. Win or lose, it will disappear on the conclusion of their battle.

When this spell is laid upon an unintelligent creature it's will is enchained by the sorcerer. It may test Luck, otherwise it is obedient for a number of hours equal to Spellmaking.

The sorcerer may form this spell very quickly in response to magical assault. They may re-roll any rolls to resist the effects, if they were not permitted one they may now test their Luck.

Cause the floor at an assailant's feet to become soft and permeable. Their feet sink in and there they stay. Depending on the material the floor is made of, this may be a serious predicament. Lasts for a number of minutes equal to Spellmaking.

A number of creatures equal to Spellmaking must test their Luck or become drowsy and fall asleep. If they are threatened or otherwise disturbed they will awaken, but otherwise will sleep soundly.

A smell so virulently offensive that all those within a few metres of the sorcerer will be nauseated unless they test their Luck. The sorcerer may be offended but is unhindered by his own stench.

The sorcerer, while under this making, may think and act three times as fast. It lasts for a number of turns equal to Spellmaking.

Making this spell causes the sorcerer to shrink to such a miniscule size that their seem to disappear. This lasts for a number of minutes equal to Spellmaking.

For a number of minutes equal to Spellmaking the sorcerer become six times stronger, able to perform miraculous feats of strength.

This subtle working causes the target to be open to disease. Those subject to this will shortly become feverish, sniffly and sick.

This spell enables the sorcerer to see life energy as though a dimly glowing light. Lasts for a number of minutes equal to Spellmaking.

The sorcerer may use this fabrication to understand and talk to intelligent creatures without previously grasping their language. The effect lasts for one encounter.

When cast upon a bladed object it becomes twice as sharp, twice as damaging. Lasts for one significant use (a single battle, hacking apart a door etc.)

A corpse may be brought back to life for a number of minutes equal to Spellmaking. It will be dull and dozy, but may answer questions and wander about. Be wary of the hostile dead.

The target of this casting begins to calcify. Each turn they must test their Luck, each turn they grow slower and slower as more of them turns to stone. If three tests are failed they turn into an inert statue.

Cause an individual to lose the will to carry on. In a battle this will result in them having a -1 to all rolls due to their new fatalism.

The sorcerer divides into six mirrored selves. Assailants will not know which is the real one, since they all look identical. In truth, they are all the sorcerer projecting himself as through a sorcerous prism. Lasts for a number of minutes equal to Spellmaking, if projections are killed the sorcerer loses one letter per loss.

Cause an object to glow brightly. The intensity is under the control of the sorcerer, who may make it blindingly brilliant or just light enough to read by. Lasts a number of hours equal to Spellmaking.

The suspicious sorcerer may cast this spell to determine whether he is justified in crying danger.

The sorcerer may view a target's surface thoughts like images on water.

This renders the sorcerer invisible. Mostly. This is not true invisibility, but an elaborate illusion. Any wishing to see the sorcerer may test Luck to do so.

Causes a physical barrier to sprout out of the earth in front of the sorcerer. The barrier is as hardy as the material it was born of and last for a number of turns equal to Spellmaking.

The ordered makings of the sorcerer are not primed for chaos, but they can open the window. A small pinprick hole is made in the fabric of the spheres, allowing a minute amount of raw creation in. All present must test Luck or lose 2d6 Stamina.

The sorcerer may communicate with most animals and creatures of the lower orders. Lasts for one encounter.

Reach through and summon an extraplanar creature. What creature it is is not under the sorcerer's control, but it will not be native and may be unhappy.

Hurl lightning from your fingertips. Inflict damage equal to your Spellmaking

An intriguing spell whose effects are not rightly known. What is  known is that all who have cast it disappear and are never seen again.

The sorcerer may cause himself to float at any height desired and drift about at a leisurely pace. This lasts as long as desired. 

The sorcerer may pass short distances as though they were adjacent. Instantly shift from one point to another within a number of metres equal to Spellmaking. This effect is blocked by thick walls, lead, and silver. Lead and silver may have disastrous reactions if unwittingly passed through.

Vowel based listing, for those of us who are terrible at scrabble. Line up the vowels, add the consonants






The Toxicity of this City

Troika, city at the middle of everything, has an unparalleled selection of intoxicants. The lucky Knights of the Road who pass through have their choice of poison from any of the million spheres, from Elysian Mead to Abyssal Leech Blood, they have it all.

  • Use of potions causes toxicity
  • Each potion creates a certain amount of toxicity in the body.
  • An individuals resistance to toxicity is equal to their max Stamina.
  • When toxicity passes your maximum tolerance (and every subsequent time it is increased, there is no limit) you must roll on the toxicity table.
  • Potions, tinctures, pills, powders, etc. etc. all take one turn to take.
  • Unless otherwise noted all effects stack.
  • Reduce toxicity every time you heal Stamina from any source that doesn't increase toxicity.

(Price in pennies and bits (p/b))-(Name)-(Toxicity)

24p - Billberry Potion - Toxicity 4
Tasty, invigorating, jelly-like substance made of certain berries forced through particular processes. Viscous and slow to pour, it's almost entirely unsuited for emergencies but more than makes up for it in effect. A full dose of this will restore 6 Stamina.

50p - Razorwine - Toxicity 5
The sharp and bitter juices of the razorvine, only found in Troika, refreshes and invigorates the imbiber. A popular drink for wealthy students of the Universities. Restores 1 Skill.

48p - Infusion of Luck - Toxicity 6 
Rumours abound that this sweet and clear liquid is really leprechaun tears harvested in the breweries of Carceri. Most discount it, but it would explain why you never see any these days. Restores 1 Luck.

22p - Tincture of Clarity - Toxicity 1
A chalky distillation with the unmistakeable taste of medicine. Cures any non-magical poisons and offers a Luck test to those suffering from magical maladies.

1/2 - Elysian Mead - Toxicity 3
A tasty alcoholic beverage from the Elysian apiaries. It goes down smoothly and lubricates the tongue and the mind. Gain 1 Social Standing, lasts for an hour. Suddenly become old friends with anyone else drinking the stuff.

-/1 - Shade Wine - Toxicity 5 
A far less tasty tipple. Brewed by anyone with a dark corner to spare in the sun-starved rim of Troika. The exact ingredients change by brewer, but the taste is consistently foul and inflicts the oral numbness it's famous for. +1 to all fighting rolls, -1 to everything else.

1/3 - Leech Blood - Toxicity 7 (3 for Tieflings)
Neither blood nor made of leeches, instead it is a demonic pun that we are assured is extremely funny from their perspective. The liquid is, as it can loosely be called, a rich red with congealed black globules floating in it. An angular, charcoal-ey and altogether challenging experience.  +1 Magic for an hour, restores +2MP

18p - Hazrad Smoke - Toxicity 3
A peculiar thing, but peculiar things are endemic to the City and greatly enjoyed. Hazrad smoke is served in a pear shaped bottle with a narrow neck. Once the seal is broken the meagre fluid inside turns to smoke and rushes out. You are encouraged to inhale it quickly lest this expensive treat escapes entirely. The taste has been described as austere and intolerably painful. -1 Stamina, for a few seconds you can see things in obscene detail, revealing any secret doors or unusual details of your surroundings.

134/3 - Soul Tea - Toxicity 2
A herbal infusion, each element collected from a different sphere, some hard fought and died for by the elite pickers of the Widdershins Tea Company; presented in an exquisite silk envelope for your convenience. The tea, when steeped, will shift one sideways into the astral plane. The effect is quite slow, requiring you to enjoy the hot tea quietly until gently fading away. The return journey is your own concern.

 2p - Scap - Toxicity 8
Prepared gremlin leavings gathered from wild gremlins living in the walls of Troika. Gremlins from other places have been tried, but there is something about the nature of the city, the unparalleled variety of their diet that makes Troikian Scap stand apart from its provincial imitators. Either offered as a fine powder for sniffing, or compressed into pills for convenience. Always the last to declare your actions in a turn, can sense and instinctively disassemble complex machinery, can't cast magic. Lasts for d6 hours.

Toxicity Table
  1. Reduced to 0 Stamina and treated as dying (test your luck every turn until stable or dead)
  2. Violently sick. Any effect doesn't take and lose 4 Stamina. Lose turns until you test your luck successfully or sleep.
  3. No benefits and instead makes you dizzy and unsteady. -2 Skill
  4. You bring it back up. No benefits and -1 Skill.
  5. Works as expected.
  6. Reacts with your toxic system and works double.

An Infinity of Gods

The planes are full of gods. Too many for anyone to keep on top of. An infinite space full of infinite gods worshipped by infinite peoples. If you turned up in Sigil and claimed to worship P!P!Ssshrp, Befouler of Ponds, no one would doubt you.

If your character is a priest you will need a god. If one of the available gods doesn't tickle your fancy then you must put it in His hands and generate one according to the following system.

Discover Their remit

Roll and record d666 for your core aspect, unique gift, and spells.

Roll three further d666 to generate tertiary aspects and spells. These do not offer their unique gifts. Duplicate spells are ignored. You just have fewer spell options.

P!P!Ssshrp rolls for Ponds (gains a unique ability and the Curse priest spell) as his primary aspect. Now he must roll three more times to discover his tertiary aspects. For this he gets Tunnels (and Change Shape spell), Drowning (Summon) and Ruin (Curse). He does not get the unique power from these last three, just the spells. You might have spotted two Curse spells. In the case of a double you just don't get that spell, simple. Not all gods are created equal.
P!P!Ssshrp thus ends up being a god of Ponds, Tunnels, Drowning and Ruin. Priests may "purify or make stagnant small bodies of water at will", Curse people, Change Shape, and Summon... something. The details of the god are up to the player, GM, and/or group to mess with.

Beseech your God

Once per day a priest may beseech his god. If the god answers the GM will interpret His actions.

To beseech your God roll 3d6 and match Their holy number (the first d666 you rolled).

Triples are Greater Gods, three distinct numbers are Small Gods. The smaller the god the easier it is to beseech in times of trouble but the smaller their blessings.

A successfully besought God will aid you in one immediate trouble. A judgment will be made by the GM on what form this takes and to what degree, but it should be in keeping with their aspects and greatness (triples=great, doubles=normal, singles=small), with Greater Gods being able to make far more sweeping and dramatic changes. If your God is summoned for something seen as beneath them they may instead punish you.

D666 Aspects

111 - Law - Consecrate
The priest may rebuke someone once per day who is acting inappropriately (as determined by the deity in question). This someone can be a person, an animal, a monster or a force of nature. Whatever it is, the priest must roll under his Devotion and if successful causes the rebukee to retreat, apologise, or otherwise relent.

112 - Ether - Create Food & Drink
Once per day the priest may transmogrify all or part of his body into primal ether for a minute per Devotion. This matter can pass through almost anything.

113 - Zeal - Smite
Your god has enemies. Be it a philosophy, a race, a religion, you stand for everything they are not. Choose something and gain +1 skill for all rolls that go towards achieving your God's goals regarding His enemies.

114 - Destiny - Inspire
Know your own destiny, once per adventure you may avoid death by telling the GM that this isn’t how you die.

115 - Obedience - Heal
The priest must obey higher ranked priests without question, and may order those beneath him similarly. Once per day they may force another to obey a simple command. They may test luck to resist.

116 - Love - Holy Command
Priests often attract followers, sometimes to the point of acquiring trains of disciples following them from town to town. D3 dedicated but generally ineffective (but free) people choose to follow you and learn your teachings. Their numbers eventually get replenished if reduced.

121 - Fortune - Bless
The Priest no longer rolls for LUCK. Instead, the GM flips a coin and they must call it. They still lose LUCK as normal but their chances never change.

122 - Salt - Undo
The priest may turn another into salt once per day. They must make eye contact. People don’t like to look at priests of the salt gods.

123 - Children - Heal
All priests are children and disturbingly wise. They count as having +1 in all Lores. When they grow up they are cast out of the priesthood and lose their powers, growing rapidly idiotic.

124 - Rust - Smite
At will rust metal at touch, bless water with rust.

125- Serpents - Summon
Turn your holy symbol into a snake at will. Once per day you may turn a snake-like object into a snake, like a sword they happen to be holding.

126 - Messengers - Holy Command
The priest may test Devotion when making a true statement about something that’s important to the listeners. On a successful test they will acknowledge the truth of it.

131 - Blood - Consecrate
You can turn blood into another substance and vice versa. Determine this substance based on your tertiary aspects. The god of Blood and Water could turn blood into water, similarly the good of Blood and Vultures could turn blood into vultures.

132 - Hibernation - Heal
Can store up sleep. Sleep for a week, don’t have to rest for a week.

133 - Fire - Smite
You can ignite combustible material at a touch. This takes a few seconds of intense effort and concentration. Not useful in the midst of battle.

134 - Phallus - Heal
A cigar is never a cigar. You wear a skullcap that looks like a bellend and wear a codpiece of gigantic and scandalous proportions. Anyone who rubs your holy phallus is blessed with +1 LUCK for the day. Priests can’t rub their own to gain this bonus, only each others’.

135 - Childbirth - Summon
Once a month you may give birth to a Deity appropriate holy creature. Angels, vultures, etc, determined by other Aspects.

136 - Baskets - Inspire
May bless a basket. that basket can carry d6 times more than it could previously.

141 - Executioners - Smite
When the priest is given a target by someone they accept as a judge or authority they will always know roughly where they are and get get +2 to all rolls to to kill them.

142 - Headaches - Curse
You have a permanent headache, in part caused by noxious smelling salts you always carry. Immune to confusion and mind altering effects because you’re already writhing in pain.

143 - Frowning - Exorcise
The priest never smiles no matter how funny something is or how happy the priest may be. Situations that normally call for smiling just make the priest frown harder. Misery love company, test devotion to ruin someone’s day with frowns.

144 - Blindness - Undo
While wearing a solid blindfold or being fully blinded, the priest may inflict blindness upon another for the duration of his own blindness. The priests will not fall over things and can move around alright, but is still blind.

145 - Kissing - Heal
The priesthood passes on the original kiss. When the god walked among them, he kissed the first of your kind. The kiss is held by the head of your order, the other clamour for his sweet lips. Probably wears a muzzle. Acolytes must collect kisses to improve their chances. Gain bonus XP if you have collected a suitable number.

146 - Anthills - Create Food & Drink
As your God is to you, so you are to the Ants. You are perpetually sunburnt, you may incinerate ants with your gaze. Prayers are often answered in the form of sudden incinerations.

151 - Stars - Bless
If the Priest stealthily listens to those who wish upon stars he may write those wishes down and save them to be granted to the caster instead at a later time.

152 - Vultures - Create Food & Drink
Can consume carrion as provisions with no ill effect. Carrion restores 3 stamina

153 - Escape - Shape Change

No bonds can hold you! Test your LUCK to escape any situation you fancy. Your escape is always possible and possibly miraculous.

154 - Bells - Exorcise
The priest is hung with bells. It is absolutely impossible for them to be sneaky. Their holy tool is a hand bell (you may hit people with it if you like, as a club), whose holy sound may expel spirits (or other appropriate action, as determined by tertiary aspects).

155 - Drunkenness - Create Food & Drink
Drinking heavily causes those around priest to become intoxicated. priest suffers greatly reduced drunkenness

156 - Breasts - Create Food & Drink
You may issue healing milk from your teet once per day. Cannot be stored, must be drank from the source. As a potion of Stamina

161 - Disorder - Curse
Habitually tips paintings, rearranges bookshelves, and generally makes a nuisance of self. priest doesn’t think about it, just does. They gradually earn the ire of those around them. In return, they are blessed with the ability to once a day severely crack the foundations of a single structure by laying hands on it.

162 - Coral - Undo
Carries with them a coral kaleidoscope. once a day, they may contemplate the kaleidoscope for d6 points of stat regeneration.

163 - Banquets - Create Food & Drink
You can eat forever. Never stopping. If you are able to eat uninterrupted (not talking) for an hour or more, you may fully restore all your expended stats. Everyone banqueting with you regains 1 additional Stamina.

164 - Dogs - Exorcise
Has a loyal doggy companion. Dogs are sacred. Always seems to be able to find food.

165 - Firewood - Bless
Priest may chop firewood for another, taking any one thing as fair payment. No agreement is required, cooperation is compulsory, no one will stop you. They may test luck to resist if desirable, though few bother since the price is always fair.

166 - Vice - Shape Change
Once per day you may gain 1-6 LUCK (above my normal stat? or just restored?) for flagrantly transgressing local social norms. It must be shocking and witnessed. The GM and everyone at hand will rate you from 1-6 on how transgressive you were. Find the average and hand it over in LUCK points.

211 - Fools - Bless
Test Devotion to be able to find any convenient mundane item laying about. Always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

212 - Sun - Consecrate

Hold the sun in place as long as you can hold your arms in the air. Praise the sun!

213 - Beards - Inspire
You must maintain a magnificent beard. You may tug your beard once per day to get a yes or no answer to a question, brought on by pondering. Female priests must improvise

214 - Surgery - Shape Change
The priest can perform complicated surgery with just his hands, once per day. This can be used to heal 3 Stamina or perform some specific action, such as removing a parasite or blockage. It leaves no scars but a lot blood.

215 - Animal skins - Shape Change
Priests can don an animal’s skin to become that creature. The transformation is not physical, but they gain all benefits of being that animal. If they wore a dolphin skin, for instance, they could stay underwater for ages.

216 - Incense - Consecrate
Have a variety of incenses for different jobs. Once per day you can imitate a Priest spell of your choice or create a thick, rich fog.

221 - Duality - Shape Change
The priest may test Devotion to change sex. On a critical they are trapped as a Holy Androgyn and lose the ability to change. The Holy Androgyn may take the benefits of one of the God’s other aspects to replace the one lost.

222 - Light - Heal
The priest can cause himself to glow at will. The light can expel magical darkness on a successful Devotion roll.

223 - Eggs - Heal
Can always seem to find eggs in the unlikeliest of places. Finds an egg once a day (always, no say in the matter), d6 chance the egg hatches into something. 1-3 bird, 4 amphibian, 5 reptile, 6 something weird. another d6 to see if the hatchling is mundane or not. 6 the hatchling is magical or something. the hatchling is devoted to the priest. occasionally must deal with angry mothers.
224 - Canals - Summon
Digs a small ditch with hands connecting two sources of water. Water vessels occupied by the caster may cross with this tiny canal.

225 - Insects - Summon
You are crawling with insects. They drop out of your sleeves and into people’s laps. When eaten they transfer their tiny insect-brain secrets, allowing you to test Devotion to gain very vague knowledge of the immediate area. You may eat enough of them for sustenance once per day, as a provision.

226 - Veils - Curse

Once per day you may tear the veil from a person’s mind. They must test LUCK or behold the multiverse as though from a distant vantage, glimpsing but not comprehending the truth of the Great Wheel. They fall down drooling for a number of hours equal to Devotion and are never quite the same.

231 - Begging bowls - Bless
Priests carry begging bowls. Once per day, if they can get someone to sincerely give them alms they may restore one point of LUCK.

232 - Greed - Holy Command 
Kiss a coin and throw it. One target must test LUCK or blindly follow it.

233 - Protection - Undo
The priest wears all sorts of armour, in layers upon layers. The effectiveness is questionable, but it is huge. The priest begins with armour equivalent to plate in the form of dangling sections of ancient armour. If they are ever protected by anything less than a chain hauberk, they lose their powers until they remedy this. If given resources the priest may rebuild their armour at their leisure.

234 - Braziers - Exorcise
Keeps a small brazier. Lighting the brazier produces a fire that can be manipulated like water and splashed onto foes d6 times.

235 - Forked tongues - Holy Command
Has a forked tongue. Getting it was painful. Talking is weird, you hiss a lot. Once per day you can lie perfectly. Offer a LUCK test if the lie is completely outrageous.

236 - Flowers - Inspire
Flowers spring up in the footprints of the priest. The flowers are usually of the sort indigenous to the local area, but on rare occasions strange flowers from exotic locals will grow. these flowers may be used to brew a tea that turns the tongues of those who drink it into something appropriate to the gods aspect. Speech is severely impaired if not completely crippled, but everyone can’t help but be enamoured with them despite not understanding a single word spoken.

241 - Merchants - Consecrate
The priest may broker deals involving insubstantial or metaphorical objects. Trade for souls, hair, sunshine or cash.

242 - Birds - Shape Change
May summon any sort of mundane, herbivorous bird to come to your aid. That aid can be anything from reconnaissance to catching food to distracting enemies.

243 - Food - Create Food & Drink
Anything cooked by the priest is always delicious and twice as satisfying (and healing) as normal food.

244 - Harlots - Shape Change
Sacred prostitute. Once per week you may completely heal one who beds you. It can be physical or psychic trauma, but you can fix it.

245 - Blades - Smite
Must be overtly armed at all times. Swords arrayed on your back like a peacock. Gain +1 Skillto anything related to blades, lose your priestly powers for the day if you ever intentionally harm someone without drawing blood.

246 - Snails - Curse
You develop a slight hump and are always clammy to the touch. You may ooze sticky slime at will.

251 - Famine - Curse
For each day you refuse food you may cast your spells an additional time per day.

252 - Mist - Summon
Once per day the priest can summon a thick, low hanging mist. They may fall back into it and disappear, reappearing imminently within half a mile.

253 - Marketplaces - Bless
When in a market you will always find what you are looking for at a reasonable price. Once per day you may trap another in a market. They will wander a perpetual bazaar until they figure their way out (follow the falling prices)

254 - Ash - Exorcise
While covered from head to foot in ash you count as wearing a leather hauberk and cannot be possessed. Getting rained on ruins this.

255- Music - Inspire
The priest can play all instruments passably well, and one specific instrument excellently.

256 - Cattle - Heal
The priest may, once per day, lay down in the field of cattle and have them attend him. They will go over local gossip and be very complementary to the priest. They rarely know anything very useful.

261 - Stone - Consecrate
Once per day, turn completely to stone. This will probably be a ragged, natural looking stone unless your other aspects suggest otherwise. Damage sustained while stone is generally ignored when returned to flesh unless it is of the nature of missing limbs. This form may be maintained indefinitely.

262 - Reincarnation - Heal
The priest, while rolling his next character, may adjust dice up or down equal to the deceased priest’s Devotion.

263 - Intestines - Exorcise
Animate intestines once per day. The effects on living subjects is of crippling pain and soilage. Test their LUCK or writhe around for a number of turns equal to the priest's Devotion.

264 - Rings - Curse
Priests start with 2d6 very valuable gold rings. Gifting these rings to another makes them beholden to the priest for one favour or service. It is partially magically compulsive, but they must accept them willingly and will intuitively know the conditions. If they do not complete their promise they are cursed for a number of weeks equal to the priest’s devotion.

265 - Changelings - Shape Change
Once per day the priest can completely change their appearance except for one distinct feature, such as a scar, a birthmark, eye colour, their sex, etc. chosen when gaining this power. This ability is permanent and can not re-grow lost limbs.

266 - Winds - Ecstatic Flight
Once per day summon a mighty gust that will knock everyone down except for the priest (test LUCK). This will inflict damage as a club. Other applications can be imagined.

311 - Fornication - Inspire
Sex with the priest offers a blessing based on the other aspects of the God. The priests may decide to instead curse them, similarly based on other aspects. Both of these are determined on gaining this ability. The priest himself regains 1 LUCK every time they copulate.

312 - Cannibalism - Consecrate
The priest treats members of his own race as provisions. Eating the sensory organs will gain some insight into the deceased. The brain especially has a chance (test devotion) to give you something useful.

313 - Illusion - Undo
At will the priest may produce an effect equivalent to a magic trick. Appear in two places at once, saw a lady in half, make a coin disappear. These are very convincing, but ultimately fake.

314 - Singing  - Inspire
Singing brings the godhead up through your mouth, carried by your holy timbre. Once per day the priest may break all glass or disrupt all bowels within a number of metres equal to their Devotion.

315 - Compasses - Ecstatic Flight
The priest maintains an internal compass, pointing to a deity specific point. The knowledge of this direction is never lost. The point may be North, Windershins, towards the Holy Mountain, etc. This works across planes, curiously, and will eventually lead you to your spiritual home.

316 - Gore - Smite
God is within us. The priest may bedeck himself with gore, giving him the effect of carrying a large shield. Once per day they may make an attack using their Devotion+weaponskill which, if it hits, will do maxium damage. If it kills someone all other enemies (and any unlucky spectators) must test their Luck or be covered in gore and miss their next turn due to sickness and fear.

321 - Ponds - Curse
The priest may purify or make stagnant small bodies of water at will.

322 - Oracles - Curse
The priest’s faith have an oracle that will answer questions if besought. The oracle must be defined. Once per day the priest may test Devotion to accurately tell the fortune of another. It will answer mundane questions and always be poetic and vague.

323 - Disease - Curse
This can be a specific disease or just in general. The priests are able to inflict their disease on others at touch (test Devotion). For each person so infected they may Heal another. These “stored” heals take the form of purifying fevers and last D3 days.

324 - Thresholds - Consecrate
The priest may, once per day, drawn a line that no evil (as defined by the deity) may cross. The line if made from something fitting the God's other aspects.

325 - Starlight - Heal
Once per month the priest may capture starlight in water. This liquid can be used to cause dreams of distant planes, of healing, or of the past. A month’s supply is equal to 1d6 doses.

326 - Ditches - Bless

If the priest and a number of companions up to his Devotion sleep in a ditch, they will have a restful night.

331 - Contracts - Holy Command
Any contract ratified by the priest is enforced by divine might. Those breaking the contract are Cursed (as spell) as though from the priest himself.

332 - Machines - Undo
The priest can fix a machine by blessing it with the holy oil and administering to it with the holy tools (test devotion). They also have either a second mechanical set of arms OR a mechanical floating skull assistant

333 - Death - Curse
Once per day the priest may kill someone with less Stamina than they have Devotion. They can instinctively sense this. The priest may, at will, kill any willing subject instantly and painlessly.

334 - Rebirth - Heal
Once per month the priest can administer a rite of rebirth. With deity appropriate rituals (define them) the subject is prepared and then ritually and physically dies. This death lasts for a month. At the end of the month the priest must test Devotion, using the subjects magic score instead of their own. If the test fails the subject remains dead, if it passes they are reborn, younger and fully healed of any troubles. The subject must be willing.

335 - Candles - Consecrate
The priest can communicate across distances through the flame of a candle. They speak into it and it can be read by other priests.

336 - Pilgrims - Ecstatic Flight
Once per day, test Devotion to travel any distance in that single day. Any bottlenecks in the journey must be handled, such as water crossings or interplanar portals, but if they are accommodated the distance is covered.

341 - Fish - Create Food & Drink
Can catch fish by plunging their hands into water and asking nicely.

342 - Hanged men - Ecstatic Flight
Priests are hanged men given reprieve for their survival. Always wears the noose around their neck for convenience and as a reminder. Un-hung men can apply, but must be hung to be tested. Once per day the priest may auto-asphyxiate to gain ecstatic holy visions, this causes damage as an improvised weapon with no armour saves. Each application of damage allows a Devotion test to get a vision. If the priest fails to get a satisfactory vision they may continue to choke themselves for further attempts.

343 - Menstruation - Heal
The priest’s menstrual blood counts as holy water. Male priests will have to ask nicely to get some.

344 - Forgetfulness - Undo
The priest may, once per week, remember something someone somewhere has forgotten about a subject of their choice. They are forbidden to record this or take notes during games.

345 - Herdsmen - Heal
Passive herd animals will follow you as though you were their leader. Should you want to command angry animals, or cause passive creatures to act against their nature, test Devotion. Can detect lost animals within a number of miles equal to Devotion.

346 - Castration - Smite
The priests partake of the Greater Seal and remove all organs of the sex, for they prevent mortals from communing with god. They may roll 5d6 when beseeching their god.

351 - Doors - Summon
Once per day the priest may enter one door and emerge from another. They must be very vaguely familiar with the target door. Their Curses, instead of causing Stamina damage, cause the target to randomly move through doors. Their bedroom might lead to the zoo, and so on.

352 - Divination - Bless
The priest can perform one deity specific form of divination. Once per day, test Devotion to get a vague but true answer to a question.

353 - Suicide - Curse
The priest gains 1xp for every person they usher into their God’s arms. If the priest dies via suicide they may start with xp equal to their devotion.

354 - Actors - Shape Change
The priest may convince himself that he is, in actual fact, the role he plays so convincingly that he may pass all attempts at lie detection. This lasts for a number of hours equal to Devotion and cannot be prematurely stopped.

355 - Strength - Heal
The priest adds his Magic-Priestly to his Strength skill.

356 - Boats - Consecrate
The priest may plug as many holes in a boat as he has Devotion. By placing his holy digit in, all leaks will cease.

361 - Pillars - Create Food & Drink
If the priest meditates atop a suitably tall pillar they may refresh their spell uses per day.

362 - Embalming - Exorcise
One of the priest’s limbs or organs is embalmed (this can be specific to the god or just per priest). It still functions as it normally would, but is impervious to all harm bar fire.

363 - Poverty - Consecrate
Pennilessness is next to godliness. While you have less money than you have Devotion you may always cast your spells twice per day for free.

364 - Half-Mortal - Ecstatic Flight
The god is born from man and still walks the earth. He doesn’t answer beseechments but may be physically petitioned. Gain +1 luck for the knowledge that godliness resides within you all.

365 - Orchards - Create Food & Drink
Any fruit bearing plants planted by the priest will mature in one month. Each individual fruit counts as a full provision and will never rot.

366 - Riddles - Curse
Once per day you may confound someone with a riddle. If the GM can answer it they are spared. Otherwise they hunker down in confusion.

411 - Foreigners - Summon
Once per day, roll Devotion vs Skill to exile a target back to their home plane for Devotion days.

412 - Moisture - Summon
Always clammy, clothes damp with a faint whiff of mold. Count as wearing plate armour vs. any fire based damage.

413 - Soil - Summon
The priest smells of rich loam. Can use soil as holy water.

414 - Weights and Measures - Undo
Priest has perfect instincts for weight, as long as they can lift it.

415 - Bones - Heal
Once per day you may summon a skeleton forth from another. They must make a luck test or it rips itself out of their flesh.

416 - Amulets - Exorcise
Covered in amulets. Shiny ones, ratty ones, paper ones. The amulets protect you (and only you) like a chain vest, as long as you have at least one.

421 - Gates - Consecrate
The priest may close one door per day. It will remain closed for a number of hours equal to Devotion.

422 - Compassion - Inspire
Gain 1 luck every time you sacrifice something to help another.

423 - Rituals - Consecrate
The priests have a ritual for everything. If they take ten times as long to do something, they may get +1 to any rolls regarding it.

424 - Healing - Heal
You can always cast Heal more times per day, just spend Luck after the first.

425 - Curses - Curse
The priest can curse as many times per day as they have Devotion.

426 - God-Eating - Inspire
An item is considered to be the body of your God, determined by other Aspects. Eating or otherwise taking them into yourself (up to once per day) will restore one luck. The priest may instead issue the blessing on another, using up their daily allowance.

431 - Rainbows - Ecstatic Flight
Test Devotion once per day to convince another that there is a rich prize at a certain place. They will see a rainbow leading to it. What is at this place is determined by the secondary aspects.

432 - Books - Exorcise
Can read books, scrolls or tablets in 30 (minus Devotion) minutes by laying on hands.

433 - Chains - Holy Command
Can break a chain by finding the weakest link and pulling. Can bless a chain to be unbreakable for Devotion hours. Once a day can animate chains.

434 - Ignorance - Bless
The priest may spend 1 Luck to have an injury transferred to another nearby. They have no say in who gets this wound. It should probably be random.

435 - Souls - Heal
Once per day, test Devotion to attempt to pull an individual’s soul from his body. Inflict d6 damage, if this kills them you may keep their soul.

436 - Malice - Smite
A god of malice always answers prayers, but the priest must test their luck or have it be interpreted maliciously.

441 - Whispers - Summon
The priest may whisper into anyone’s ear and that message will travel to its destination through a chain of Chinese whispers. They must test Devotion or have the message be garbled by the time it arrives.

442 - Happiness - Bless
Anyone rubbing the priest’s belly is cured of sadness.

443 - Nightmares - Summon
The priest can see nightmares, as sent by their God (or other explanation), resting on people as they sleep. The priest may capture these with a special instrument only they may use. What they then do with the nightmares differs by god.

444 - Life - Heal
The priest may preserve corpses perfectly at touch and return another to life. To give life one must be physically reunited with the spirit or petitioner of the fallen fellow. This is no small task.

445 - Jealousy - Ecstatic Flight
Once per day the priest may cause one subject to become convinced of the imminent loss and generalised desire for something he holds dear. The feelings last for a number of hours equal to Devotion. How they behave is out of the Priest’s hands.

446 - Animal spirit - Summon
The priest worships an animal spirit. The priest will never be bothered or deliberately harmed by the animal he worships. If he ever harms one he loses his spells for the day. His friends do not benefit from this.

451 - Storms - Inspire
Once per day the priest can call forth a lightning strike. The target must test Luck or die

452 - Water - Consecrate
The priest cannot drown. Once per day may walk on water for a number of minutes equal to Devotion.

453 - Penance - Undo
The priest may ritually harm themselves to inflict equal pain on others. They may also cause pain to others in order to cure them of sickness or sinful thought. Roll under the damage inflicted on a D6.

454 - Battle - Smite
The priest is only able to perform miracles in the midst of battle. However they may cast spells without paying Luck.

455 - Crows - Ecstatic Flight

The priest may communicate with crows, most numerous of interplanar birds. They are not necessarily cooperative, since crows are very headstrong and playful, but you can speak to them.

456 - Clay - Heal
The priest can form clay into deity specific forms that will remain animate for Devotion hours.

461 - Learning - Holy Command
The priest never forgets anything, and can recall minute details.

462 - Boundaries - Consecrate
The priest may bless a natural or man made boundary. For a number of hours equal to devotion, any passing without permission from the priest with be cursed. People coming to the boundary will innately understand this.

463 - Brooms - Exorcise

The priest may sweep a house (thoroughly) and test Devotion to evict any curses or ill-spirits from the building.

464 - Sky - Ecstatic Flight
The priest intuitively knows the most direct route to the open sky. Useful when underground. Priest gets +1 Skill while under the open sky.

465 - Coins - Curse
Coins are considered holy icons and work as holy water.

466 - Human sacrifice - Summon
The priest may ritually sacrifice a human to be guaranteed a successful beseechment.

511 - Darkness - Smite

The priest can see in pitch dark. Once per day may test Devotion to make eye contact with another and trap them in darkness, rendering them blind until released.

512 - Devils - Summon
The priest may summon demonic entities from the depths of the abyss. Priest may Test Devotion once per day to summon a devil and make a deal with it. It will not harm you unless you want it to. You may bargain with it.

513 - Eloquence - Holy Command
The priest may cure or confound the tongue. Once per day they may either fix a speech problem or cause one.

514 - Decay - Undo
At touch, the priest may rot food, wither plants, crumble wood, etc.

515 - Evil - Smite
The God must be paired with another, and embodies evil in relation to that. Pick an Aspect that best contradicts the other and use that.

516 - Zero - Undo
Once per day the priest can cease to exist for a number of minutes equal to Devotion. During this time there is no sign or memory of his having ever been.

521 - Undead - Consecrate
The priest has the choice of being a zombie. They may be very presentable, or wear a cool gold mask, or just be decaying and gross, but they are undead. If they aren’t undead they may just impersonate them very well (will be treated as undead by other undead)

522 - War - Smite
The priest may use his Devotion in place of Skill+Weapon and is naturally gifted in military theory.

523 - Sand - Create Food & Drink
Once per day the priest may toss sand from his pocket and mesmerise those watching into counting the grains. Devotion vs Skill or count them for a number of hours equal to Devotion.

524 - Tunnels - Shape Change 
The priest may fit through any hole big enough to accommodate his head.

525 - Mercy - Inspire
Must show mercy to broken and defeated foes or else suffer turns equal to Devotion of not being unable to use other godly powers. Cannot stand idly by while someone is cruelly treated or suffer similar turns of being unable to use other godly powers. For every intelligent being shown mercy, d666 chance they become devoted to priest regardless of prior affiliations.

526 - Bravery - Inspire
The priest is immune to fear. From any source. Once per day can grant this to another for Devotion minutes.

531 - Mothers - Create Food & Drink
The priest is a comforting presence to those that see him as a motherly figure. Can calm fear and panic. Once per day they may use this as a Heal spell.

532 - Inspiration - Inspire
Once per day the priest may implant a though in anothers head. They must act on it or be Cursed.

533 - Dirt - Undo
Priest is always dirty, it’s a holy sacrament. Can always find the bare necessities for survival by rummaging through refuse.

534 - Cities - Consecrate
Never get lost in cities as long as you know where you want to be.

535 - Hindsight - Bless
The priest is able to accurately trace your past mis-decisions, pinpointing exactly where you went wrong.

536 - Weather - Ecstatic Flight
The priest gains protection from the harmful effects of inclement weather.

541 - Art - Inspire
The priest may meditate on a work of art to regain d6 STAMINA once per day. Once per day the priest may display a piece of art and inflict an appropriate emotion on those viewing.

542 - Consolation - Exorcise
The priest may test Devotion to calm another’s mood, but only those driven by grief and hysteria.

543 - Fertility - Consecrate
Any seed planted by the priest will grow, be it in the ground or a womb.

544 - Silence - Smite
Once per day the priest may create a sphere of divine silence Devotion metres from the priest. No sound may penetrate or originate from the area. Magic will not be castable, for the most part.

545 - Fate - Holy Command
The priest may, once per day, demand a roll redone. Any roll, from any source.

546 - Truth - Holy Command
The priest may, once per day, detect any falsehoods in his presence for a number of minutes equal to Devotion.

551 - Gold - Bless
The priest gains +2 Social standing and is generally well received everywhere they go.

552 - Drowning - Summon
Once per day can cause someone's lungs to fill up with fluid, drowning them. THe effect lasts Devotion turns or until the priest releases them.

553 - Ruin - Curse
The priest is destitute. A holy beggar. Any attempts to remedy this state will fail. No homes, no wealth. Once per day the priest may curse another to this fate. The curse will last until lifted.
554 - Questions - Holy Command
Once per day ask a question of someone and they will answer it to the best of their abilities.

555 - Darkness - Undo
Once per day the priest can cause a billowing blackness to flow from his throat. The darkness issues out a number of metres and lasts a number of turns equal to the priest’s Devotion.

556 - Falling Stars - Bless
Once per day, while outside, the priest can derail a falling star. This may be aimed at where someone is standing. They must test luck or take 3d6 damage.

561 - Labyrinths - Curse
Once per day the priest can dismiss an individual into an extradimensional labyrinth. They may test their luck to resist or may or may not escape eventually.

562 - Coal - Bless
The priest is always covered in coal dust. May blow it in people’s eyes or use it to cause massive fire hazards.

563 - Iron - Smite
The god of iron does not answer prayers. You will never fumble with a weapon made of iron.

564 - Mirrors - Undo 
The priest may, once per day, enter into mirrors. They enter the plane of mirrors, which appears as a small room filled with mirrors. The mirrors will be replicas of their real world counterparts. The priest may pick one to enter at his leisure. There is no hint as to what is on the other side other than the appearance of the mirror itself.

565 - Temptation - Summon
Once per day cause someone to test their luck or be inextricably drawn to an object. It can be anything.

566 - Thought - Inspire
Test Devotion to read the surface thoughts of those around you. If you fumble you suffer from massive migraines until you next sleep. -3 to everything.

611 - Roads - Create Food & Drink
The priest and any travelling with him travel twice as fast along road ways. This is not noticeable from in or outside of the effect.

612 - Glory - Inspire
Once per day, the priest may channel his gods glory into an aspect appropriate form. Those witnessing must test luck or be overwhelmed with numinous awe.

613 - Trees - Heal
The priest may physically enter trees and stay therein. Once per day they may travel through the roots and reappear in another linked tree of their choice.

614 - Torture - Smite
The priest may inflict any amount of damage on a restrained subject. They just pick the number and do it. If they kill the subject they lose their spells for the day. Onlookers are encouraged to take bets.

615 - Supreme deity - Holy Command
The One True God. The priest may test Devotion to ignore the effects of another faith’s priestly effects.

616 - Butchers - Create Food & Drink
The priest may butcher any creature into its component parts with no previous experience. Get’s +1 on all rolls involving sharp knives.

621 - Foresight - Bless
Once per game the priest may have a take-back. At the resolution of an action (which must be short enough for the reversal to not be too fiddly), he may declare that he didn’t, in fact, do that. The new action must be different and not a sneaky way to get a re-roll.

622 - Meditation - Heal
The priest does not sleep, but meditates. Counts all rest as double.

623 - Disasters - Summon
The priest may predict natural disasters. The GM is obliged to inform the Priest whenever one happens in his immediate vicinity. This does not help with effects of a sorcerous origin.

624 - Riches - Bless
Affluence is next to godliness. If you donate 10x your Devotion to your Church, you may have 1xp. If someone gives you money equal to your Devotion, they may receive a blessing of 1 Luck or 3 Stamina. The priest must keep his finances strictly separate from everyone elses. His money is between him and God.

625 - Gods - Smite
The priest worships the head of a pantheon. Generate two more gods, taking both of their aspects in addition.

626 - Portals - Ecstatic Flight
The priest can see interplanar portals, which appear in an Aspect appropriate form. Once per day they may test Devotion to open a very small portal between planes which can transport people equal to Devotion before closing.

631 - Adventurers - Heal
If the priest becomes deliberately lost, they are guaranteed to turn up somewhere interesting. What interesting means is up to interpretation.

632 - Terror - Exorcise
The priest is immune to fear, may only be terrorised by their god. May inflict terror a number of times per day equal to Devotion. Test Devotion vs. an individual's Skill, if they fail they fall into a mad panic.

633 - Dread - Inspire
The priest’s presence is faintly disturbing. Once per day test Devotion vs. Skill to cause a group of individuals up to or equal to Devotion to be Cursed (as spell) with overwhelming dread.

634 - Dice - Bless
The priest is allowed to cheat once per day in any way they choose. If the GM or any players catch them they fail and lose one Luck.

635 - The Afterworld - Undo 
The priest may test Devotion to commune with the dead. What they have to say is usually nonsense (and up to the GMs whim). Test Luck to get a half sane answer.

636 - Dolls - Exorcise
May make dolls of people or places, transferring a point of luck to those people or places. It is returned when it is used.

641 - Furnaces - Consecrate
Not affected by mundane high temperatures. Generates enough heat to keep a small party warm on a cold winter’s night. Must remain close.

642 - Wells - Summon
May restore 1 luck per day by sacrificing something to a well.

643 - Excrement - Curse
Once per day the priest may hurl their holy excrement to issue a curse at a range equal to the power of their throwing arm.

644 - Cauldrons - Heal
Can use suitably large cauldrons to fly through the air a number of miles per day equal to Devotion.

645 - Keys - Consecrate
Holy symbol is a key. Once per day that key can open any lock. Can sense keys when within Devotion feet of them.

646 - Fashion - Inspire
Twice per day the Priest may test Devotion to stun someone with a look. If the priests outfit is more than a month old, or has been worn before, they lose this ability. The outfit must be described and be fabulous.

651 - Knots - Undo
Knots tied by the priest are un-untieable except by himself and his superiors, The priest may instantly untie any mundane knots.

652 - Masks - Shape Change
Once per day, for Devotion minutes, the Priest either appears to be whoever the observer wishes they were, or someone of the Priest’s choosing. This can’t effect massive physical change, so a human couldn’t pretend to be a giant.

653 - Lamentations - Consecrate
The priest can, once per day, lament enthusiastically, All who witness this performance must test their luck or join in for as long as he maintains it. OR Devotion hours, whichever is shorter,

654 - Flies - Curse
The priest may curse another once per day to be plagued by flies. They will spoil their food and give them -1 to everything due to getting in their eyes and their mouths. Others will shun them for their new unpleasantness.

655 - Frost - Heal
The Priest is immune to cold weather, able to walk naked through a show storm. May induce a frozen stasis on themselves, lasting up to a number of years equal to Devotion.

656 - Haggling - Bless
The priest can test their Luck to ask the GM what it would take to get a target to agree to something.

661 - Faces - Shape Change
Once per day the priest can become so nondescript that people have trouble seeing him. He can disappear in crowds, engage in small talk and other innocuous stuff and people will not remember him being anyone specific.

662 - Eyes - Holy Command
The priest may, once per day, inhabit another. Their presence is passive, just going along for the ride. It lasts until they decide to stop.

663 - Hearsay - Curse
The priest may, once per day, invent a rumour about one person. This rumour must be no longer than a sentance, but once it is out everyone who knows the target will have heard it somehow. They might not believe it, but it's out there.

664 - Time - Consecrate
One per day the Priest may have visions of the past in their current location. It goes back a number of days per Devotion. Particularly strong events may linger for much longer.

665 - Companions - Heal
The priest is always viewed as though the person encountering them knows them, but somehow forgot who exactly they were. Like an obscure celebrity.

666 - Chaos - Undo
Erratic the day, purest it’s Freedom per edges. Unmake something. Expression. The Once in which at eats creation. To Take world That.

Priestly Magic

Requires physical contact. Can either heal Stamina equal to Devotion, or one sickness.

Create Food & Water
Creates deity appropriate sustenance. A number of provisions equal to Devotion are created. They may not be stored, lasting only a single sitting before crumbling away.

A deity specific smiting. Whatever form it takes, it causes damage equal to Devotion minus D6.

Grant 1 Luck to another.

Create an area a number of metres across equal to Devotion that cannot be entered by the priest’s theological enemies. They must test Skill vs. Devotion to cross into it, failures mean they may not enter for the duration. Lasts a number of turns equal to Devotion. All food, water, oil or other appropriate matter inside is now considered Holy.

May expel spirits of other worldly entities back from whence they came. Test Devotion vs. Skill to do so.

Test Devotion to curse another. They lose max Stamina equal to the priest’s Devotion. This lasts until lifted by the priest, one of his superiors, or successfully Undone.

Shape Change
Change into a deity appropriate form for a number of hours equal to Devotion.

Holy Command
Test Devotion vs Skill to issue a short command to another, which they will follow. THey will believe it was their idea and will not do anything to harm themselves or anyone else.

Fill a number of people equal to Devotion with the holy presence. They get +1 to all rolls for Devotion turns.

Test Devotion to summon a deity specific extra planar servant. Their attitude will vary by god and purpose.

Priest tests Devotion and sacrifices Stamina equal to or more than the cost (in Stamina, Magic Points, Devotion, so on) of a spell to undo its effects. They must guess. If they guess wrong the spell fails.

Ecstatic Flight
Fly up to Devotion feet per turn for a number of turns equal to Devotion.