Alternative Ranged Combat In Troika

According to WW2 British officers, dodging and diving from projectiles doesn't help very much and the troops don't like it.

Shooting someone and hitting someone with a thing you are holding are fundamentally different. The shootee has no input in the exchange other than where they happen to be standing.

Consider cover in terms of 6ths of a person. For each 6th of a person covered by non-shootable scenery give the shooter -1 to their skill. So if someone wants to perforate me, but I'm merely sticking my head over a wall they would receive -5 to hit me.

Bob the Bowman has 5 Skill + 3 Bow Fighting - 5 for my cover = 3. He would need to roll a 3 or less to hit me in my curious head.

SHIELDS - Treat them like any other kind of cover

AIMING - Take a penalty to the shot as if the bits you don't want to shoot are covered.

PINNING - When rolling damage with ranged weapons that fire arrows or bolts or similar, if the die roll is even the projectile is stuck in you. It counts as an item for encumbrance purposes and deals d3 stamina damage to remove unless with a Heal test. Some weapons have a better chance of getting stuck in you, like javelins.

There you go +Oli Palmer

Foreign Friendly After Expo Expo

The Melsonian Arts Council was at the UK Games Expo last week, outside the labourers entrance next to the toilets. Unless you were banging for a piss or were that security guard sleeping by the emergency exit, then you probably missed us. I think it's only fair we give everyone another chance to get in here, give us all their money and see how handsome we are, but this time we'll include our hard done-by international customers.

  1. Go to
  2. Spend £27 and postage is free, a whole £1 saving on UKGE's entrance fee 'cos we love you more
  3. The password at checkout is GIMMETHATLANYARD
  4. Doors open now and close again on June 11th at 4pm.

It's a digital, invisible expo! Just without all those people and games and fun.

We've got 10ish copies of Troika! left, and general stocks of the Undercroft are looking thin. Everyone that buys something at the Expo Expo also gets one of my special convention badges included. THEY ARE MUCH COVETED!