Foreign Friendly After Expo Expo

The Melsonian Arts Council was at the UK Games Expo last week, outside the labourers entrance next to the toilets. Unless you were banging for a piss or were that security guard sleeping by the emergency exit, then you probably missed us. I think it's only fair we give everyone another chance to get in here, give us all their money and see how handsome we are, but this time we'll include our hard done-by international customers.

  1. Go to
  2. Spend £27 and postage is free, a whole £1 saving on UKGE's entrance fee 'cos we love you more
  3. The password at checkout is GIMMETHATLANYARD
  4. Doors open now and close again on June 11th at 4pm.

It's a digital, invisible expo! Just without all those people and games and fun.

We've got 10ish copies of Troika! left, and general stocks of the Undercroft are looking thin. Everyone that buys something at the Expo Expo also gets one of my special convention badges included. THEY ARE MUCH COVETED!


  1. I was there, I bought one, its great!

  2. I also bought Troika and Macchiato Monsters from your excellent stall and I have the badge to prove I 😏 Great products Dan, hopefully I can catch you at Dragonmeet to buy more 😀