Monsters Are Fine

 Hello party people.

It's been a while, I don't know how long, I don't read dates, ain't got time for that. 

I have spent a lot of time trying to do good, publish books and fight the struggle against the absolute treacle of life. It is hard. I'm starting, slowly, a little RPG Publishing Apprenticeship program (where people learn about my inability to answer emails in any reasonable timeframe) in an effort to convince me and the universe that everything is not fated for doom and dissolution. What I'm saying is, it's fine. I watched a talk by a designer I really like, Jeff Vogel and he said something like "if something pains you now it's gonna kill you in ten years". Post, and crowdfunding, kinda pain me. You have to switch off your creative brain and submit yourself. It's like having to do Marina Abramović's Rhythm 0 every four months.

What I'm saying is it's fine, right?

Anyway, I'm making a monster book. I'll talk about it here and post it on Itch as a work in progress. It's gonna be the stuff I think about that I don't have time to write a book for, in pieces, and it'll be good and eventually long. That's the plan. It'll be a gift to my younger self, the kind of book I would have lost my mind over seeing, and totally enflamed my head with thoughts of the unseen world these things live in. There's a well of power behind that which I need to get back to. There ain't no power in post.

EDIT: Oh, and go back Fever Swamp! If it does well I'll avoid having a heart attack for a few more months.