The Toxicity of this City

Troika, city at the middle of everything, has an unparalleled selection of intoxicants. The lucky Knights of the Road who pass through have their choice of poison from any of the million spheres, from Elysian Mead to Abyssal Leech Blood, they have it all.

  • Use of potions causes toxicity
  • Each potion creates a certain amount of toxicity in the body.
  • An individuals resistance to toxicity is equal to their max Stamina.
  • When toxicity passes your maximum tolerance (and every subsequent time it is increased, there is no limit) you must roll on the toxicity table.
  • Potions, tinctures, pills, powders, etc. etc. all take one turn to take.
  • Unless otherwise noted all effects stack.
  • Reduce toxicity every time you heal Stamina from any source that doesn't increase toxicity.

(Price in pennies and bits (p/b))-(Name)-(Toxicity)

24p - Billberry Potion - Toxicity 4
Tasty, invigorating, jelly-like substance made of certain berries forced through particular processes. Viscous and slow to pour, it's almost entirely unsuited for emergencies but more than makes up for it in effect. A full dose of this will restore 6 Stamina.

50p - Razorwine - Toxicity 5
The sharp and bitter juices of the razorvine, only found in Troika, refreshes and invigorates the imbiber. A popular drink for wealthy students of the Universities. Restores 1 Skill.

48p - Infusion of Luck - Toxicity 6 
Rumours abound that this sweet and clear liquid is really leprechaun tears harvested in the breweries of Carceri. Most discount it, but it would explain why you never see any these days. Restores 1 Luck.

22p - Tincture of Clarity - Toxicity 1
A chalky distillation with the unmistakeable taste of medicine. Cures any non-magical poisons and offers a Luck test to those suffering from magical maladies.

1/2 - Elysian Mead - Toxicity 3
A tasty alcoholic beverage from the Elysian apiaries. It goes down smoothly and lubricates the tongue and the mind. Gain 1 Social Standing, lasts for an hour. Suddenly become old friends with anyone else drinking the stuff.

-/1 - Shade Wine - Toxicity 5 
A far less tasty tipple. Brewed by anyone with a dark corner to spare in the sun-starved rim of Troika. The exact ingredients change by brewer, but the taste is consistently foul and inflicts the oral numbness it's famous for. +1 to all fighting rolls, -1 to everything else.

1/3 - Leech Blood - Toxicity 7 (3 for Tieflings)
Neither blood nor made of leeches, instead it is a demonic pun that we are assured is extremely funny from their perspective. The liquid is, as it can loosely be called, a rich red with congealed black globules floating in it. An angular, charcoal-ey and altogether challenging experience.  +1 Magic for an hour, restores +2MP

18p - Hazrad Smoke - Toxicity 3
A peculiar thing, but peculiar things are endemic to the City and greatly enjoyed. Hazrad smoke is served in a pear shaped bottle with a narrow neck. Once the seal is broken the meagre fluid inside turns to smoke and rushes out. You are encouraged to inhale it quickly lest this expensive treat escapes entirely. The taste has been described as austere and intolerably painful. -1 Stamina, for a few seconds you can see things in obscene detail, revealing any secret doors or unusual details of your surroundings.

134/3 - Soul Tea - Toxicity 2
A herbal infusion, each element collected from a different sphere, some hard fought and died for by the elite pickers of the Widdershins Tea Company; presented in an exquisite silk envelope for your convenience. The tea, when steeped, will shift one sideways into the astral plane. The effect is quite slow, requiring you to enjoy the hot tea quietly until gently fading away. The return journey is your own concern.

 2p - Scap - Toxicity 8
Prepared gremlin leavings gathered from wild gremlins living in the walls of Troika. Gremlins from other places have been tried, but there is something about the nature of the city, the unparalleled variety of their diet that makes Troikian Scap stand apart from its provincial imitators. Either offered as a fine powder for sniffing, or compressed into pills for convenience. Always the last to declare your actions in a turn, can sense and instinctively disassemble complex machinery, can't cast magic. Lasts for d6 hours.

Toxicity Table
  1. Reduced to 0 Stamina and treated as dying (test your luck every turn until stable or dead)
  2. Violently sick. Any effect doesn't take and lose 4 Stamina. Lose turns until you test your luck successfully or sleep.
  3. No benefits and instead makes you dizzy and unsteady. -2 Skill
  4. You bring it back up. No benefits and -1 Skill.
  5. Works as expected.
  6. Reacts with your toxic system and works double.

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