He walked as he would to the noose, the snow blinding him to his destination yet he would find it with dignity.
Her voice came from behind the cutting storm, "You will lay with me", carried along the wind and over the roar.
"I have too far to go before I sleep."
The storm died, parting the snow as a curtain pushed aside by her cold hand as she came to him, "I believe you, there is nothing to prove, least of all to me. Save this and future pain."
The sun, hidden for so long, was low but its heat found him. She walked beside him in silence for so long, her arm in his, walking towards the meagre sun. The warmth opened his eyes but the cold was in his bones.
"Lay with me," Her hand cool against his cheek, her breath, the last frost of winter on the hills of home.
Stopping for the first time since entering the frozen desert, he gripped her shoulders, "I wish nothing greater, but I am not ready. Come for me when I am a man, pull me from the sword of my conqueror and I will lay with you."
And he left her there as the curtain came down.

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