The Doctrine of the Peach

Deity Name: Noam

Pantheon: N/A

Titles, Aliases: Velum, The Great Peach, The Stricken Pruner, Derrith-Non.

Image or Symbol: A tapestry of a fruiting peach tree or simply a peach

Church Name: The Doctrine

Domains: Human Endeavors: Protector of our People and Honor/Justice/Vengeance

Colour: Green, Brown, and White

Special Spells: None

Forbidden Spells: Magic is generally frowned upon, but spells that change the nature of a being or summon an unnatural creature are outright forbidden.

Rituals: The planting of peach trees dedicated to Noam is the only ritual useful to someone outside the clergy.  This is done by planting a peach pit and covering it with the ashes of a slain creature deemed to be a threat (and all fantastical creatures/beings are deemed to be threats).  All other rituals are performed solely by the clergy of The Doctrine and only inside the Temple of Noam.

Offerings: Offerings of peaches to the Temple of Noam are common place.  For those who are able (mainly Zealots of Noam) the offering of the ash of fantastical creatures is preferred.

Special Clerical Requirements: N/A

Physical Description: Noam has never been depicted or manifested. He is symbolically represented by peaches in religious art.

Taboos: Summoning, aiding fantastic beings/creatures, the consumption of fantastic creatures

The Holy Trim leads The Doctrine and is usually the only one Noam will speak to.  The Holy Trim also rules Borah as priest-king.  The Doctrine is split into two halves: the clergy and temple warriors.  Both follow the same naming scheme and Holy Trims have come from both lines.  After the Holy Trim in order of importance are Arch Laces, Laces, Threads, and Strands.  Clergy serve the needs of the Temple of Noam inside Borah and the temple warriors guard the temple, act as Borah’s military, and certain warriors, known as Zealots of Noam, actively roam the land and seek out those who would harm The Doctrine and its people and destroy them.

Enemies: Any sort of fantastical creature regardless of its intentions, anyone who could potentially threaten The Doctrine or its people

Attributes on scale of 1-10
Strictness : Largely depends on the current Holy Trim of The Doctrine.  Typically ranges from 7 to 10
Jealousy : 10, there is only the Peach
Revelations : Again, this depends on the current Holy Trim.  5 would be a safe average.
Organization : 8
Wealth: ? As wealthy as the next city state.
Popularity: Within the city state of Borah, 10.  Outside the city state, 1.

Holy city and places: The city of Borah is the holy city of The Doctrine and the temple there, the Temple of Noam, is the only holy place.

Potential Afterlife(s): While the followers of The Doctrine do believe in an afterlife, it is a vague concept to them and rarely discussed.

(This is mostly the creation of one of our players on the god template found

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