I am a terrible salesman

Oh my, what a day.

I run out of toner and then I accidentally release The Undercroft #2 early on RPGNow. Here I am with no promotion material written, no people lined up to pester and no damn toner. At least until Monday, but a weekend is a damn long time to glare at an empty printer and a stack of paper. Either way, here it is! Finally pulled the difficult second album together and I think it's a resounding success. With original artwork and outstanding contributions I think it is a marked improvement over the first issue.

It's a handsome beast, isn't it (Thanks +C├ędric Plante )? This latest issue has a plethora of contributed content from talented artists. This issue includes, in no particular order:

That Which Sips Between by +Luke Gearing , a terrible creature, a force of abstract nature, with an adventure involving it by +Simon Forster .

+Matthew Adams  has contributed three creatures straight out of a fictional folk lore.

The obligatory Random Table entry comes from Tony A. Thompson and his Piteous Potions

I contributed a few unpleasant monstrosities, illustrated by +Matthew Adams  and +Claytonian JP .

And finally, +Simon Forster  again. He wrote a particularly good short story that captures the feel of the publiucation.

You can purchase it from my store in print or PDF or just PDF via RPGNow

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  1. I feel your pain. I have a pile of paper in front of me to finish printing, an full ink cartridge...and a desperate need to design and print business cards in the next 90 minutes or so.

    And some other promotional literature thing for tomorrow. So I can get work and money and buy things like more Undercroft.