The Undercroft #4

Watch it slither down mother's leg. Admire the glistening splendour sat squirming on the floor. Look! Barry's here, he couldn't stay away and continues to confuse history with his gentle hand. See here! We employ rules to impart a  paradoxical formlessness, thankyou Lord Inar, or Mr. Gacy to you. Lawks! It's Master Gearing come back from the wars with another monstrosity. Lo! It's the prettiest Princess, come with another troll he claims to be dreamy but I see it for what it is. Each a precious facet of the creature you hold in your arms, a moribund remnant of an effort spent. It only wants to be loved.

But of this, where am I? Nothing in this slick bairn's countenance speaks of the father. A cuckold and a chimera. But I love her and her fathers anyway, and hope you do to.

The Undercroft issue 4, available to purchase now in print and PDF.

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  1. Awesome!

    Glad to finally see the alternative class stuff in print!