Grappling + Chasing

I am unhappy with grappling and chasing.


The attacker rolls d20+strength modifier+attack bonus vs. opponent's dexterity or strength (choose highest) score. If they equal or exceed the score, they have successfully grappled the opponent.

"Grappled" means one of the following things as determined by the attacker:

  1. Pin. Both grappler and graplee are considered prone.
  2. Throw. Toss the opponent a metre per strength bonus (if that even matters). Minimum of one. Deals d4 damage from being bashed into floors or walls, by default. Other effects determined according to environment and whim.
  3. Attack. Deal your weapon damage from stabbing and bashing or unarmed damage from biting and breaking things. Ignores armour.
  4. Choke. Declare you're doing so, if the opponent fails their grapple roll on their turn they are rendered unconscious for 1d6 turns.

Any effect other than "throw" will mean the graplee must grapple on their turn. Any choice that results in a tussle means other people have +3 to hit the participants.

d20 + str. mod. + atk. bonus


dex./str. score


Roll d6+con. bonus, whoever rolls highest wins. If someone scores 6+ the chase ends. Pursuer gets a round of actions or pursued gets away. The chase then may or may not start all over again.

+1 if you are faster than your opponent (naked man vs. man with shopping bags)
+2 if you are a lot faster than your opponent (fat guy vs. sprinter)
+3 if this is a totally one sided race (man vs. jaguar)
+1 per consecutive roll you won.

If you roll a 1 you are winded. If the fight reconvenes you will have a -1 per time winded to all rolls. Recover if you get a minute to straighten yourself out.

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  1. Well this works just swell. I will copy it into my house rules for BFRPG.