The Undercroft #6

Releasing things is hard. Some days I just sit here and look at the stacks of books and wonder why they're still here. Shouldn't the guy with the thing have come and taken them all to wherever it is they go by now?

Apparently not.

Apparently I have to tell people that they exist. And how to buy them. And how much they are. I honestly don't know how people do it.

Right, so here's the deal: I tell you where to go to buy them (here) and you go buy them. Or not. That's an option you have as well though I try not to encourage it. If it helps convince you I can assure you that everyone involved is very clever and handsome and can think of things newly and greatly.

If you buy enough of them I can give someone money to remind me to sell things correctly. Wouldn't that be cool? Yes. Yes it would.

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