Keys and their Portals

The key is...

  1. The Rhyme of Ronald Rear-Guts, all 27 verses, accompanied on a bassoon
  2. A club forged from old iron keys
  3. Happy thoughts
  4. A squirming rabbit held in each hand
  5. Deja vu
  6. A mouth full of sea water
  7. The blood of 72 virgins
  8. Galloping on horseback
  9. D#
  10. An actual and unique key held in trust by an esoteric fraternity
  11. Post coital bliss
  12. A dying ember

The door is...

  1. A frog on a toadstool
  2. The corner of a room
  3. Behind a lamppost
  4. An old giant's pocket
  5. The mouth of Monstro the Whale
  6. A wedding arch
  7. Inside you all along
  8. The top of a rickety old ladder
  9. Slapshack Alley in the Dentist's Ward
  10. A mirror
  11. Death
  12. A bricked over door

Which leads to...

  1. The Labyrinth
  2. The Infinite Abyss
  3. The Palace of Tigers
  4. The Dead City
  5. Fiddler's Green
  6. Troika, City in the Middle of the Road
  7. The Fern Court
  8. The Red Room
  9. A conflux between worlds
  10. The Tertiary Underworld
  11. The Astral Plane
  12. Field of Heroes

This place looks nice, I'd go there

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