Social Currency

By performing services for a faction, group or god you may accrue social currency with them. Track it somewhere, you can spend it later.

This does not replace an organic exchange of favours. Someone can still ask you to do something in exchange for X service as part of an everyday game. This is a list of things your players can rely on being available.

NOTES ON JOINING GROUPS: You may only be a member of one instance of a group type. For instance, the Dustmen are a philosophy and a faction, therefore no other groups that are either of those may be joined. A Dustman could join a church or school of magic without any conflict of interests, though if he worships a god of life then there may be issues.



Type: Philosophy, faction

Downtime activities at the Mortuary
  • Tuition in the mortician's school (-2s/100p, free if a member), giving a skill advancement check, in: embalming, healing, surgery or disguise
  • Join the Dustmen (-5s). Benefit from the Dead Pact, whereby the dead won't bother you if you don't bother them. 
  • Forgo the right to resurrection and sign the ownership of your corpse over to the Dustmen. (+5s). Can only be done once.
  • Go corpse collecting. +d6s
Services Provided
  • Borrow an undead bodyguard for a week. He comes equipped with chain mail and a spear. (-15s). Members only
  • Borrow an undead assistant for a week or one significant job or adventure. (-10s). Has 2 Strength and comes with a sturdy backpack. Members only
  • Funeral. 1s or 10p, the dustmen will bury anyone with the correct rites.

The Academy of Doors

Type: School of magic

Downtime activities at the Academy of Doors

  • Tuition in the School of Entries & Exits (3s/500p, 1s/150p if a member). Skill advancement check in either: Astral Reach, Teleport, Web, or Second Sight.
  • Join the Academy of Doors. (3s or 1000p). Members are given their own apprentice's magic door to wear on their forehead.
  • Take the test to become a Master of the Academy. Roll 4d6 and score under the amount of social currency you spend. 
  • Teach at the academy. Must be a master or have 4 or more in a spell regarding transportation or planar travel. Gain currency equal to 1d6+skill level and 1d6 hundred pence. Skill-less masters do happen, but tenure is tenure.
Services Provided
  • Planar travel. For 10s or 1000p per person they will transport you anywhere in the cosmos. Roll 2d6, on a double you are all off course.
  • Keys. For 5s you will be permitted to use their library of information on portals and their keys. 1 in 3 chance you find the information.

The Church of Arn

Type: Religion, Faction

Downtime Activities for the Church

  • Help in an exorcism procession through Troika, scaring off demons +1d6s
  • Become an ordained priest of Arn. 20s. Receive a red robe and exorcism hammer
  • Add a demon's name to the Book of Names (base 1 in 6 chance it's not there already). Gain social currency equal to the demon's Skill.
Services from the Red Temple
  • Exorcism. 1s/50p. as spell
  • 5s, access to the Book of Names. 1 in 6 chance it has something useful on the demon you're researching.
Miracles (only usable by ordained priests)

  • Exorcism 1s. As spell
  • 2s, see demons and ghosts, penetrate all glamours created by them, see through their lies, and so on.
  • 1s talk with demons fluently. Convincing them to leave still counts as an exorcism, more or less.

P!P!Ssshrp, Befouler of Ponds

Type: Religion

Downtime Activities
  • Poison wells, ruin river sides, and so on. 1d6s. Roll 2d6, on a double someone catches you doing it.
  • Take up the worship of P!P!Ssshrp, 5s
  • Chat with frogs. 1 in 6 chance they have something useful to say
  • None. There is no church of P!P!Ssshrp, just ponds.
Miracles (only usable by worshippers)
  • 1s make any source of water stagnant, up to your body size. Big priests are better.
  • 5s purify any source of water. Same as above.
  • 2s communicate with frogs and toads. Lasts for one conversation. They are mostly concerned with what's going on in the water and how damp the soil around here is. But they respect your authority as an ardent worshipper of The Befouler of Ponds
  • 2s summon gnats, worms, beetles, and other creeping things. They will squirm out of cracks, from under doors, crawl over everything, ruining food and causing a terrible fuss.
  • 3s Turn yourself into a mass of leeches. In the water you move very fast, on land not so much. If at least a third of your body weight in leeches survives you can reconstitute yourself from them. You can stay as leeches for as long as you like.

Miss Kinsey’s Diner’s Club

Type: Faction

Downtime activities at the club
  • Become a member. 10s/14,000p
  • Give Miss Kinsey a fresh, preferably live, rare creature. 1 to 5 d6s depending on rarity. The last of its kind gives you unlimited access to meals for life, including the one made of your donation.
Meals (members only)
  • Sunday - Boiled unicorn, whose flesh cures sickness. 1s
  • Monday - Braised manticore in ant milk sauce. Offers insight into a single question. 2s
  • Tuesday - Live pixie fondue. Gain 1 skill advancement against any skill. The pixies will give up many secrets to avoid the cheese pot. 5s
  • Wednesday - Orc brain served in situ. Induces a profound sadness and immunity to all miracles for a week. 1s
  • Thursday - Beef. There is always too much, allowing you to take away 2d6 rations.
  • Friday - Egg hunt! Search the manor for the hidden egg. 1 in 6 chance to be the one to find it. The rich goodness gives you +1 permanent Stamina and an ever increasing gut. 8s
  • Saturday - Brandy and crow's feet. A day for gossip, learn something interesting that's going on. 1s


  1. This is fantastic grist for a campaign. If it's used in a level-based system, I would definitely award XP for earning Social Currency. I might find a way to make Charisma/Personality give a "nudge" to earned/spent Social Currency, as well.

    I'm always looking for ways to actually use Charisma/Personality in more mechanically meaningful ways.

    1. It's be easy to insert Charisma into it I reckon. Maybe as simple as applying Charisma bonuses/penalties to all currency earned? If it made it too easy or hard to gain, just add a 0 to the end of all the current numbers.

  2. Nice.

    As a side note, 2d6 doubles has the same probability as 1 in 6. 6 x 6 = 36 possibilities, 6 instances of doubles, 6/36 = 1/6.

    1. That didn't occur to me, but yes! I was primarily using them because 2d6 is 90% of all rolls in the game, so it's easier to just not switch around too much.