6 Hexes in Wartime

  1. Field nurses have set up a small hospital-fort, its stone walls are mossy and damp. Treatment is free but the sister-porters enforce ceasefire within the walls, with all fines being payable in blood donations. They will pay for the recovery of the wounded and the donation of organs.
  2. Mercykillers are digging up a graveyard and smashing the bones to dust so that they can't be used by their enemies. They have laid out all the possession of the dead on the grass with labels on, noting where they were found. If you come back later everything will be neatly reburied.
  3. A native collective consciousness has taken residence in a colony of wasps inside a dead tree. It's a huge number of wasps artificially brought together by the ambient mind and it's struggling to feed this many and maintain the health of its body. In exchange for fruit it will offer insight into interesting goings on within 2 hexes.
  4. A huge pit occupies the entire hex. It descends vertically into a dark lake that is always in shadow. Trees at the edge of the hole are cleanly cut along the line of the cliff, trunks split as though sawn through. Anything flying over the lakepit falls into the water.
  5. A siege giant, sick of the war, sits in the shadow of a hill with his head in his hands refusing to move. The squad occupying the siege tower on his back are beyond shouting at him and are instead trying to reason with him. Some of the soldiers have settled into their temporary lives by the hill and are tumbling off the giant in a small military shanty. Some washing their hats in a nearby brook, chatting and laughing while the sergeant sits on the giants shoulder..
  6. A consultant wizard is strutting back and forth in front of a brass egg, muttering to himself. 4 assistants will prevent anyone approaching, explaining that the Great Sable Geoffrey is currently in talks with an unexploded chromatic time bomb and must not be disturbed. If they party returns at a later date the forest within this hex will be thicker and twisted and also brightly coloured. The conflicting hues make it hard to not trip over the undergrowth and doubles all travel times through the hex.

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