D&D more Troika

Following on from my previous post on making initiative enjoyable (and arguably more realistic*) I've got the comprehensive and very complicated way you can make D&D fit better.

  1. Use that initiative system
  2. Attack rolls are contested, with the winner dealing damage
  3. AC is replaced by damage reduction

Some armour DR:

Full plate - 8
Half-Plate/Chain/splint/whatever flexible metal bullshit you have going on - 4
Padded/leather/cloth/etc etc - 2

Shields might add 1DR or +1 in combat rolls. Or both? Shields are pretty great.

Feel free to add DR ignoring rules for bludgeoning weapons, and also make it so grappled enemies do not receive the protection of their armour (pin them down and stab them in the eye holes)

Anything that might otherwise increase your AC instead increases DR

* Realism doesn't matter, but have you been in a real brawl? Or some sort of emergency situation? People choke, step up, fall over, and otherwise don't take turns.

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  1. You're going a similar direction that I did with my ruleset; the next revelation will be that if a player fought with a monster (win or lose the die roll), the monster has basically taken its turn already.