Troika: Numinous Edition 24 hour warning


This is the obligatory 24 hour reminder, and then we can all take a breather.

The Troika! Numinous Edition Kickstarter is 24 hours from ending. We've unlocked the Plastic Sea and maxillae slurping vampires, along with an expanded bestiary.
Here's a list of things we currently aren't getting
  • An adventure on The Wall by ENnie award winning Andrew Walter
  • A book of Kafkaesque nightmares by critical darling Jeremy Duncan.
  • The Troikan Guide to Chromatic, Metallic & Pseudo Pigs.
  • And more art!
Who knows? We pray for pigs. Deus ex social media!

1 comment:

  1. Ack! Just discovered Troika yesterday (10/12/18) and missed the Kickstarter! I hope the shiny new edition and related components will be available for general purchase. It's a wonderful game!