Vaulted Animarium

Vaulted Animarium 

Julius Coldbridge 5/10/2
 Hamm Coldbridge 3/20/1

 Spell: Befuddle

 Small shop full of small animals. Some move freely. The animals are so loud as to make it impossible to be heard from anywhere other than mouth to ear contact. Julius runs the shop with his adopted son Hamm, a shambling mound of a man who rarely tries to talk and is mostly deaf. Hamm has two rabbits living in his pockets. Ruby Lorgnettes in a drawer by the counter. Cabinet full of luminous larvae and singing beetles. Choir rats, various common city-owls, a nesting pig, 17 ogre fleas, a pair of sympathy serpents (not on speaking terms) are among the selection.

 Rumour: A famous hunter has caught a live alzabo and is exhibiting it in his apartments to selected guests.


  1. Interesting this for an upcoming chapbook?

    1. Sorry, apparently my notifications are broken. No! These are practise for upcoming chapbooks though. Troika prose isn't natural, I need to do some lunges before I can do it