Alternative Troika Skill

1d3+3 creates a feeling of unfairness in some players. Which they don't like. Each to their own.

Here are some other ideas:

Everyone starts with 6 Skill. Done.
Skill doesn't exist. Roll 4d6+12 for Stamina. When you want to Test Your Skill you spend 1 Stamina to behave like you have 6 skill. If you don't want to spend stamina you just use your Advanced Skill rank.
Skill doesn't exist. Add 2 to all existing Advanced Skills in backgrounds and just use them. Reduce all enemies by like 10% skill. If you don't have an appropriate skill you must Test Your Luck to succeed.
Everyone starts with 6 skill. When they are reduced to 0 Stamina they are removed from danger somehow and reduce their Skill by 1. They probably can't get that back. It's an injury. Possibly have some kind of magical healing thing if you're a wuss.



  1. That’s interesting. I do think most players brought up these days conflate “fair” with “equal.”

    Nothing is equal in d&d. Instead of being sore about someone on your team being better, we should be thankful there’s someone gifted who will carry us.

    But often we are not.

    1. Yea, I got these out of my head now but I still feel like the original is Working As Intended. Life ain't fair, especially out in the humpbacked sky. Make up for being bad at things by being the coolest person you can be.

  2. It's a question of social processes though. Daniel brought something similar up when talking about how he writes rags, that design isn't just about the game and can equally be about how to form and guide the experience outside of the gamespace. Of course, if you theme it well enough, or form mechanics that pop up when there are statistic imbalances, its less of an issue, but were social animals and sadly, molding yourself to the game is harder and not as interesting to most people than just fixing it so people all have a fair shake

    1. I'm all for people playing the game how they wanna play it. No skin off anyone's nose there.

      It's maybe a bit like game difficulty in video games. I use whatever the default is and trust the game is built around that. Some people like it easy.