Itchy Troika money

If you have a troika related thing on Itch, I propose a deal: I'll give you troika to bundle with your thing. The price of troika as part of your bundle will undercut my price and hopefully drive people to invest in your cool stuff.

  1. Top Right hand corner > Sales & Bundles > Co-op bundles > Create new co-op bundle
  2. Pick a snappy title
  3. Write a witty description
  4. Add the URL of one or more of your Troika! projects via the "Game URL" box
  5. Then add Troika!:
  6. We'll come back to "Minimum Price"
  7. Set a Goal if you like. Up to you
  8. Set the Start Date at 22nd of October 2019 and the End Date somewhere further in the future
  9. Now's the hard part. The split. All I want is $6. Set the minimum price and the cut so that $6 happens (or close enough, don't sweat it)
  10. Click Create Co-Op Bundle
  11. Then, VERY IMPORTANT, you have to send me a link to the bundle. Itch doesn't notify me that you did it, so if you don't tell me I'll never see it.
  12. Make sweet troikabucks

$6 and you guys make money and therefore can pay more rent and justify making more things. 

PRO TIP: You know that extra $6 people aren't spending on Troika with your thing? I encourage you to dig into it. So say you cool book is $10 on its own. It could be $16 with troika (with a 33%ish share to me in that case), or it could be $20 (like... a quarter and a bit? to me? Maths). See, you're still undercutting me and also making more money. Do as you please!

Also feel free to use this:

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