Another 100 Random Possessions

A good bit of time ago I rewrote the majority of this table to fit my needs. I liked the idea, just not the content so I hacked away at it until it was in a shape that suited the campaign. Some of these entries are from the original list, some more are from The Dungeon Dozen, and the rest are mine.

The main addition was bad stuff (#58 being a favourite), free followers of dubious worth, and making them all unique in so much as they get replaced when rolled. Recently I added sub-tables to store past entries that have been too fun to just replace, you'll find those at the end.

I'm thinking of adding some more metaphysical stuff after the next batch of player deaths clears out some entries. Possibly a few secret cultist entries, "You are the chosen one" delusions/entirely-true-prophecies, and of course more STDs.

This list is a favourite of me and my players and I'm always looking to add to it, so do throw out or  point to similar stuff if you know of any.

EDIT: Come to think of it, pretty sure there's some stuff from Vornheim in here.

100 Random starting possessions list.

  1. Grandfather's broadsword, plain but quality. An unknown script runs along the inner side of the scabbard.
  2. A locket containing a tiny portrait of your dear mother.
  3. A scalped dwarf beard
  4. d6 gold pieces stitched into your clothing.
  5. A healing ointment of your mother’s, heals 2hp per application. Four applications.
  6. A sock full of copper bits (2d12).
  7. A small, white and friendly kitten with glowing eyes. The kitten will follow the party everywhere; if it is killed, the next night there are two kittens.
  8. A scroll of deposit worth 168 gold pieces if presented to a member of the Auric Brotherhood of money changers.
  9. A pair of well worn thumbscrews.
  10. A rusted shut prayer book to Vorn.
  11. Small tin of black lotus powder (d6 doses, the cheap knock-off variety that still gets you high but tends to kill repeat users)
  12. A genuine treasure map (5% chance of being real).
  13. Empiric phrasebook. Containing such common necessities as “You child of a long dead sow” and “Death to the Invincible Overlord!”.
  14. Two men-at-arms. Father paid for six months service up front. Armed with Chainmail, shield, and spear.
  15. There is small wrinkled conjoined twin somewhere on your body. It’s asleep most of time, but it has one savant power it can use once a day, if you wake it up and ask it nicely..
  16. Cosmopolitan Cruin: knows one language unknown to adventurers.
  17. A tunnel dog, loyal and well trained. A gift from "uncle Guorgi".
  18. At least half your body is covered in tattoos. These move and frolic about when no one is looking. THEY GUIDE YOU +2 wis.
  19. Book of rare poetry. Prized by manticores.
  20. Vial of unholy water.
  21. A mechanical Goblin Key that'll lock any door.
  22. A lucky Hand of Glory necklace (pickled hanged man’s hand on a rope)
  23. Ancient cube of gold, quite encumbering, 50% chance of being lead with thinnest veneer of gold foil
  24. Gems encased in blobs of lead for safe keeping (a troll practice).
  25. Damage-proof scroll case carved of leviathan ivory.
  26. Ornate ceramic vessel with cork stopper, decorated w/scenes considered quite erotic by certain folks, contains one gallon refined mineral oil, extra slippery.
  27. Small leather bag with embroidered mushroom insignia: weird loam within produces a new super-nutritious fungal lobe each day if kept moist, stinks though.
  28. Keepsake box containing set of pointy baby teeth dipped in bronze.
  29. Musical instrument of shining brass, obviously designed to be played by creature with multiple mouths, scads of digits.
  30. Giant-size coat of exquisite chinchilla-like fur, marred slightly by smear of indelible ink on massive sleeve.
  31. A holy symbol of Titivilla (an ivory dildo). Faith optional.
  32. Hermetically sealed box containing chunk of rubbery troll flesh eager to remake itself once exposed to air.
  33. Chest full of theatrical costumes.
  34. Father's old round shield, (medium), beneath the boss is the sigil of [insert valiant god], valiant conduct by the bearer may draw the eye of the God.
  35. Corgo the cognizant: able to remember important detail forgotten by adventurers. (Once per game)
  36. A bundle of letters to be delivered.
  37. Leprosy. You don’t feel much pain but are never sure when something has fallen off. +2 con but your HP is secret and the GM won’t tell you how injured you are until it’s too late.
  38. The Tale of the Nymph and the Acolyte, bawdily illustrated.
  39. Recipe for preparing a seven course meal using the components of a single monster (randomly determined) for all dishes.
  40. A trolls hand mounted on a three foot rod. It will grasp objects, or make a fist. commands, grabit, leggo, fist. You found it in the Forrest gripping a tree branch.
  41. A bestiary, allows the player to ask one question of the DM about any creature listed in the monster manual, fiend folio, or monster manual II, during the game.
  42. Munn the torchbearer/unemployed cartographer.
  43. A long stem pipe and bag of pipe weed.
  44. Ten or twelve sentences translated from your language into another random language, with phonetic spelling for the latter. "Surrender or die!" and "Where's the treasure?" top the list. 33% chance inaccurate.
  45. Small vial of cerebrospinal fluid of the mind-bat: imparts random knowledge following short pleasurable coma. D3 uses.
  46. Envelope of black mold spores: snorted for hours-long laughing jags, long term users identifiable by tell-tale nasal staining. D3 uses.
  47. Jar of skin secretions of the blind cave frog: dilute with brandy for an interesting buzz. D6 uses.
  48. Jar of pickled polychromatic fungi: mild hallucinogen, enables user to see in the dark. D3 uses.
  49. A travel sewing kit. Compact but comprehensive.
  50. A full face mask.
  51. Keen-eyed Kruun: more likely than average to spot objects of value.
  52. Wheel of gray cheese: overwhelms the pleasure centers for 10 minutes, then turns skin stone-gray and deadens emotions (cure: more gray cheese). 2D6 servings.
  53. Halifam the Half-hobbled: enchanted peg-leg allows one spectacular jump (as spell) per day, d6 roll required (1-5 leap succeeds, 6 peg-leg falls off).
  54. Bladder of War Juice(TM): tincture of white ape adrenal fluids and alcohol, induces battle frenzy/heart attack(5% chance).
  55. Flaegra, priestess from exotic realm: on pilgrimage of self-nullification, taking on menial/dangerous tasks such as hauling treasure, carrying torches, under oath to never use considerable powers.
  56. Spear-hole in both sides of neck, likes to smoke pipe for gruesome effect.
  57. A tiny jar of glitternight dust: Strong hallucinogen, induces violent euphoria. Fortunately also a paralytic.
  58. Syphilis. You don’t expect to live long enough to regret your heady youthfulness. -1 con +2 reflex rolls, won’t get past 50 without losing your mind.
  59. Mighty Bleena: possibly the world's strongest woman, suffered series of concussions earlier in career (still refuses to wear helmet), becomes confused in battle, 50% likely to mistakenly hammer friendlies who get close to her in melee.
  60. A pet snake.
  61. Huroo the mentally deficient yet totally bold and confident torchbearer: loincloth, torches.
  62. Cleem of the Pukarat people: two-handed sword, breechclout, a barbarian so ferociously savage and given to violence as to be a constant liability.
  63. Unbelievable number of concealed daggers (5D3).
  64. Packet of herbal virility enhancer.
  65. Forty feet of steel wire on a spindle.
  66. A bottle of mild sleeping tonic.
  67. A pouch around your neck containing a wooden likeness of your parents.
  68. An adorable piglet.
  69. A fully furnished pack mule.
  70. A really nice horse. Wow, what a handsome horse.
  71. A wax paper packet of blue dye powder.
  72. A pair of bear fur knee breeches.
  73. An elinguated eunuch warrior slave. You monster.
  74. Pot of analgesic body balm.
  75. Branded with insignia of notorious slaver, still on the wanted list. 50% hand, 50% face.
  76. A fine pair of trousers in your family’s tartan.
  77. A small sundial on a necklace.
  78. Frolees five page guide to moustaches and beards.
  79. A six inch Crystal lens.
  80. A small silver mirror.
  81. Corrective spectacles.
  82. A Ring of Luck, +1 on all saves, roll again on this list.
  83. Closed helm featuring faceplate shaped as caricature of cherubic infant face.
  84. A seven-fingered glove.
  85. A golden false eye to replace the one you lost (randomly determine which eye is missing).
  86. A copper tongue scraper.
  87. Emergency escape razor stashed in wrist wrappings.
  88. A bag of candied fruits.
  89. Pint of noxious hill giant repellent in sealed sheep's bladder
  90. A wand of eye poking. four charges. It will unerringly poke out the eye of target creature within arms reach. no roll needed.
  91. An excellent wool scarf knitted by your grandmother. Bonuses to resist cold.
  92. Unabridged History of the Slug Folk: 1000% more proper names than The Silmarillion, abundant w/tedious, highly repetitive minutiae of utterly pedestrian slug folk lives.
  93. Illuminated scroll containing abridgement of Ahknatar the Inscrutable's classic Lethal Pitfalls of Situational Ethics
  94. A live armadillo-like creature that clings tenaciously to your head, gives tactical advice, provides encouragement, sacrifices self to protect wearer from otherwise deadly blow.
  95. A small bag of uncut semi-precious stones.
  96. A dozen glow wasps in a round wire cage with handle. Equal to torch light at night. Require food and water daily.
  97. Disguise kit w/ wigs, false moustaches/beard etc.
  98. A collection of keys, hundreds of keys, of all shapes and sizes.
  99. Thick ragged scar from top of head to left heel, doesn't want to talk about it.
  100. Go to sub-table 1

Sub-table 1:

  1. Big brother’s favourite floppy hat.
  2. A large copper chamber pot.
  3. An adventurous kid has decided to become your henchman.
  4. Fake Fever Flixir; Induces flu-like symptoms for up to a week, depending on how much you drink.
  5. A scroll tube containing the deed to the Riven Tower of Ghasdac.

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