Transplasmic Organic Bifurious Inductors, or Tobi for short.

The Wizard in the Silver Tower created and used them as a mix of goat and pig: a convenient method for disposing of waste and trimming the grass. Though you would think that with a mouth that big garden work would be a problem, yet you would be wrong since they have long, delicate, skin-shreddingly abrasive lips which can distend and be used with an alarming degree of finesse.

Tobis consume matter and process it into a universal nutritious soup/all purpose compost which dribbles out of their mouths unless regularly instructed to empty themselves somewhere more productive. Though generally better at eating purely organic items, such as sewage, table leavings or adventurers, they can ingest just about anything with varying degrees of success. They alternate between chewing and soaking in acid whatever it is they've been set to mulch, a rinse/spin cycle if you like.

Highly receptive to plasmic interference, the Tobi can be altered readily by a competent sorcerer with a firm grounding in Fundamental Transgressive Plasmology. Modifications include, but are not limited to: invisibility, form-mimicking, height reduction, teeth removal, hair transplantation, voice inclusion, blindness, liquefaction.

  • No. Encountered: Unless told to be somewhere or do something they will have wandered off and be on their own, otherwise it can be any number appropriate for the job they are performing.
  • Size: 4ft from hoof to to roof.
  • Speed: Faster than they look, slightly slower than an unencumbered human
  • AC: 12. They don't protect themselves especially.
  • 3Hit Dice, they're just big spongy sacks of acid and teeth. If you deal more than half its remaining HP in one hit you might get sprayed with stomach acid and whatever they're currently working on (breath save or 1d4 damage). They tend to all charge up on their theee short legs and try to manically force as much of you as they can into their mouths.
  • They like to grab and bite for 2d6 damage (+4 to hit, they don't care about getting hit and can fit a lot in that gob). Any grapple they perform will effectively be your limbs in their mouth. (save vs. device or lose it? Season cruelty to taste).
  • Once per day they can vomit up their last job (they can always eat it again later), requiring a save vs. breath every turn, dealing 1d4 damage regardless. Continues until you succeed a save or remove your clothes and wipe that nasty gunk off.
  • Intelligence: The base Tobi is about as smart as a dumb six year-old, however modifications are possible.
  • If you are crazy enough to sift through their toxic gut you may find some undigested heavy metals.
  • Reaction (pg. 56 of LotFP): -6 unless empty or instructed otherwise, in which case they will eat you.
  • Morale: Unless told otherwise they will eat unto death. If you fed them a red hot cannon ball they wouldn't spit that thing out (except to vomit on you).
  • They smell like someone farted through an onion and sound very similar.

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