2015 Dangoodstuff Award

Once again it's time for the first annual Dangoodstuff Award for Excellence in Games & Other Things I Like.

Award for Most Useful Game Book
Brendan S. - Wonder & Wickedness

It gave only the good stuff, no filler, terse to a razor point, and illustrated by one of my favourite artists ever: Russ Nicholson. This book will come in and out of my games for a very long time.

Honourable mention to +Paolo Greco for publishing this magnificent thing.

Award for Most Underrated Creator of Things

I challenge you to find me another person writing in RPGs who has more surprising and beautiful prose. See? Can't do it 'cos there isn't. I'm putting my money down now: He will one day make a book, a something we can hold, that will make us all cough up a spleen.

Award for Illustrator Most Likely to be Unaffordable This Time Next Year

It's a tie!

Matthew Adams and Jeremy Duncan are everywhere in this tiny corner of games and rightly so. I mean, look that those pictures. 

So there, awards have been awarded for best reading, best looking and best useful of 2015. Collect your trophies at the door. But seriously, contact me and I will send you a trophy fashioned by mine own hand. This ain't some cheapjack award show, we're fancy. Everyone who missed out, just fight harder for my attention and you too may get one, one day.

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