Marked Maps of Titan

Link to the full sized images:

EDIT: If you see any glaring mistakes or niggling issues in the linked maps let me know in the comments.

These have all the gamebooks I own on them, which is most. Now we can use the old game books as meandering setting material if we fancy it.


  1. Hey, nice maps! :-) Couple of points:
    1) Demons of the Deep is on the other side of the Titan map, in the vicinity of Fish and Skull Islands.
    2) Moonrunner takes place on the Border River between the countries of Gallantaria and Brice.
    3) FF51 is called Island of the Undead, not Island of the Necromancer
    4) On the Allansia sub-map, Temple of Terror should be pointing at the oasis called (Vatos).
    5) FF47 The Crimson Tide takes place on the Isles of the Dawn on the main map (same place as Black Vein Prophecy), not Hachiman on the Khul map.

    1. Some of them are a bit rough, so thanks. I'll get them updated when I add the last couple of books I picked up.