211 - Wall Wizard

Inspired by the hilarious way you regain magic juice in the new Final Fantasy. 

211 - Wall Wizard
It's common knowledge that magical effluvia gathers in liminal spaces such as the corners, ceilings or the gaps between walls. No magician would argue with that obvious fact. However most magicians are happy to shoot fire from their eyeballs and then accept that they will get a little bit winded, maybe need a little wizard-nap. But not Wall Wizards, they have found a way to tap that energy through arcane stretching, excellent upper body strength, overcoming fears of tight spaces, and the judicious use of pitons.

Hammer and piton
Bent wizard's hat with chin strap

3 Climb
2 Sneak
2 Spell - Affix
1 Spell - Assume Shape
1 Spell - Breach
1 random spell
1 Second Sight
1 Astrology
1 Strength

Wall Wizards receive phantom points of stamina to use towards magic. Although corners and doorways do accumulate plasmic effluvia the passage of people and brooms disturbs it. However if you wedge yourself inside a wall, or hang from a ceiling, or get onto a high shelf you may have 1 free point of stamina to spend towards any spells cast from that vantage.

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