The Melsonian Arts Council has started our first convention trail. We'll have a table at Dragonmeet in a couple of weeks and then every other UK convention we can afford a seat at.

To celebrate this excess of consumerism we have booted Troika! out the door and got it ready to be put into people's hands. Troika! is a response to decrepit UK RPGs as imagined by someone who has no right to do so. A "retro" RPG rebuilt without sentimentality, corpses of darlings litter the streets.

It won't be on general sale for a while, but it will be accompanying me to conventions, where you can find a copy or so for sale.

Crypts of Indormancy won't be there, unfortunately. But soon!

Something Stinks in Stilton will be though, so feel free to pick up a copy if you backed it through the kickstarter. I'll discount you some postage if you buy something.

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