Background: Sweaty Grump-Lord

Sweaty Grump-Lord
The Incisive Fraternity of Dissertators, as they prefer to be known, is a loose joining of great minds and taste-makers. They have no central hub, rather they write to each other to discuss the people and cultures they meet on the road to better determine their worth and, if necessary, seek advice on how best to instruct the misguided plebs on their shortcomings. Their very frequent and reasonable discussions often leave them in a state of agitation, or with cause to flee, thus explaining part of their denigrating sobriquet.

Courier gremlin
Writing material
Walking stick (as club)

1 Spell - Befuddle
1 Unarmed
1 Sneak
1 Stick Fighting
1 Etiquette
1 Locks
1 History
1 Religion
1 Architecture
1 Healing
1 Tracking
1 Locks
1 Alchemy

The Grump-Lords possess a special breed of logic unique to their order. They are immune to being swayed by coercion, word play, seduction, or any other form of verbal or written communication, magic or mundane. However this cuts both ways, when the Grump-Lord attempts to convince another of doing something, no matter how reasonable, they must roll 2d6. On a double 6 they have infuriated them to the point of violence.

They may write to another grump-lord by giving the letter to their courier gremlin. They have a broad but shallow base of knowledge, but in 2d6 days one or more of them will have returned an answer with a 1 in 6 chance of being useful. Gremlin couriers work no matter where you are in space or time.

Mortal enemies of the Sublime Society of Beefsteaks.

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