Running Troika?

In case you didn't know, I wrote Troika. It's an RPG about messy people being lost in a confusing cosmos and trying to find themselves (or treasure).

I thought it only decent to extend the same offer here as I have elsewhere: If you are you planning to run Troika tell me about it, I wanna know how it goes. Not looking for reviews, just want some insight on how people are using this thing. Write it up and link it, post it, email it (kysadurasATliveDOTcoDOTuk), whatever. If you do this for me I'll give you one of two things.

  1. I can send you a PDF copy of the pretty-picture version if you're only working from the free PDF 
  2. Or I can make you a new super-official background for use in your games that you can keep secret or spread about as you please. At least until I one day compile the best of them in the distant future of the 2nd edition.

As a freebie you will also get my eternal gratitude for helping me out with some actual play information that would take years to get on my own.

If you're feeling extra generous you could even spread the word, tell the world I'm bribing people for play data. Worst case scenario I have to write backgrounds for the rest of my life.



  1. Hi! I'll be running my 2nd game of Troika tonight, and I will let you know how it goes.

  2. I'm running it next Monday night. I thought my group wouldn't be into it, but I talked it up on my podcast and they were all like "We want to play Troika!" So I'm going in and I'm a little terrified. LOL. I'm sure it will be good.

  3. Troika is a beautiful thing to behold, both to read and to pore/paw over.
    As a dull man rooted in tedious gritty realism, I'm not sure how I can ever do it justice.
    I was however thinking that it might work with Deep Carbon Observatory.
    I will let you know how it goes, but set your expectations low. If it goes badly, Troika won't be the problem.