Troika! Numinous Edition Kickstarter is live

Details in the Kickstarter. Give me money, me and my friends will make a book. It'll be a good book.

You guys know Troika! though, you're reading this after all. However I'm cashing in all the karma I've accumulated from not being that guy hanging about forums and suggesting Troika! whenever someone so much as mentions something slightly appropriate to it. If this game or anything we've made has been significant to you in any way then I kindly ask that you shove this campaign in peoples' faces, tell them what you think about the game, saturate the nerd world. Tell all your podcast friends that I'm an interview hoot. I dunno, improvise.


  1. Are you planning to work on a french translation?
    I translated the art free version a while ago for personal use but am currently looking for work on some kind of translation project, and I absolutely love both the game and your writing style.

    It's probably too forward of me, but please contact me back if that is something that might be done.

    Also just backed the kickstarter, obviously. I want a big troika book.

  2. With the publication of a new edition, does that mean the end of this?