Entirely and objectively right advice for all occasions

Invented names are worse than real names
Cynicism is not interesting
Write lots, cut back
System doesn't matter
Neither does what other people think (it does)

Get paid
Settle for less
Take what you can get and
don't be humble (nothing is as annoying as humility in victory)

Sometimes the bad days are more common than good

Use every part of the animal
Rape is an appropriate topic for games
Politics is not an appropriate topic for conversation

Real religion is stranger and more interesting than D&D religion

And more horrible, and more real
Be brave
And sometimes the bad days are more common than the good

Do too much
Lay the track as you go
Nothing drives as well as a crash

Don't whine
Say thank you
Thank people
Thank them in private
Argue in private

Be generous
Save your spite
Save vs. Death
Kill one to make an example for the rest

Read everything
Game everything
FATAL wasn't wrong, it was just bad

Don't please the crowd
Please yourself
(sometimes the bad days are more common than the good)

You don't have to be loud
Or outgoing
Or inclusive
Be kind (everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle)
Steal everything

Copyright laws are for wimps and Americans
Imitate what you like
Pretend you know what you're doing
Don't talk about projects until they're worth showing

Don't talk, do things
Don't worship people
Don't be a lackey, don't have lackeys
Have some restraint
and the bad days are more common than the good

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