The Life of a Linkboy

Light Sources, In General

  • Light illuminates 30' for however many people it can accommodate. Others can see but not much else. 
  • The holder of the light chooses who benefits from it, this must include themselves.
  • Anyone not illuminated suffers -2 (-6 if there is no light whatsoever) to do anything that requires eyesight.


  • Provides light for one person
  • Lasts for half a session
  • Easily extinguished. 1 in 2 chance at the GM's discretion
  • Possibility to wear it on your hat. Very likely to go out at important junctures.


  • Provides light for two people
  • Lasts for half a session
  • Moderately hard to extinguish. If dropped it will go out on a 1 in 3, otherwise continues to provide light.


  • Provides light for three people
  • Lasts for a whole session
  • Very difficult to extinguish. 
  • Must be carefully placed down at the start of a fight. If dropped it may smash (4 in 6) and start a small fire, thus continuing to give light until the end of the drop-causing incident. The enthusiasm of the fire is down to the GM and general logic. Lantern oil isn't napalm (to be written on the character sheet of every player).


  • They will carry a light source, which you will provide
  • They will not do anything else, unless it aids in keeping them out of harms way.
  • If they are taken into harm's way they will require double pay
  • If they get injured, pass a morale test or they decide it isn't worth it and go home, taking the light with them
  • They do not count themselves for determining how many people are illuminated. They are very good at their job.