The Bumptious Nomenclature of the Empires

Streets of the Emerald City

Portrait of the Invincible Overlord
The Empires, beyond the Fern Court, a land of mercenaries, Emperors, and egos. City states rise, swell and break like waves against each other, each insistent on their rightful place as inheritor of the broken Empire. If you were to catalogue all the significant actors in this farce your work would be long, thankless and entirely inaccurate by the time it was completed.

The Gate of Horn

Cities dot the land, many just rotting

Better to just appreciate the entirely ludicrous names the pretenders afford themselves.

1AbsoluteBaneAlways at the Shoulder11
2AmaranthineBaronat the Crossroads12
3BlackBaronessBestower of Good Gifts13
4DauntlessBeastCrystallizer of Dreams14
5DeathlessBestowerFirst Born15
6EndlessBishophe of Backward feet16
7EternalBringerHe Who Felled the First Tree17
8FearlessCommanderIn the Forest18
9GildedControllerIn the Mountain19
10GloriousCouncillorof a thousand stars110
11GreatCreatorof Abundance111
12GreenDespotof Ages112
13ImmortalDestroyerof Air113
14IndomitableDevourerof all114
15InfiniteDictatorof all People115
16InvincibleDispenserof all Sources of Water116
17InvulnerableDivineof All Young and Growing Things117
18LawfulDrinkerof Animals118
19LegitimateDuchessof Arcane Mysteries119
20ManifoldDukeof Artisans120
21MasterfulEarlof Ashes21
22MightyEaterof Astral Fires22
23MultitudinousEminenceOf Balance23
24One TrueEmperorof Beauty and Charm24
25OnliestEmpressof Beggars25
26PerpetualEnemyof Berries26
27ProudFatherof Berserkers27
28PurpleFeederof Birds and Parrots28
29ragingFiendof Blood29
30RedFireof Brilliance210
31RelentlessFirstbornof Cannibals211
32ResoluteFortifierof chaos212
33RightfulFriendof Children213
34UnassailableGathererof chocking moisture214
35UnbentGiverof Civilization215
36UnboundGodof Clouds216
37UnbreakableGoddessof Confusion217
38UnbrokenGuardianof Corruption218
39UnconquerableGuideof Courage219
40UnfadingGuideof Dark Magics220
41UnforgivingHammerof Darkness31
42UnmovingHarbingerof Deadly Waters32
43UnshakableHarvesterof Death33
44UntouchableHealerof Death and Rebirth34
45UnyieldingHealerof Decay35
46VeraciousHeraldof Demons36
47VoluminousHeroof Destiny37
48War-BittenInventorof discipline38
49WhiteKeeperof Disease39
50YellowKhanof Disorder310
51Kingof Dreams311
52Ladyof Earth312
53Lawgiverof Earthquakes313
54Leaderof Eloquence314
55Lionof Everlasting Worlds315
56Lordof Every Flame316
57Magnateof Evil317
58Makerof excellence318
59Margraveof Existence319
60Marshalof Famine320
61Masterof Farmers41
62Messengerof Fate42
63Ministerof fear43
64Ministerof Fertility44
65Mistressof Fever45
66Monsterof Filth46
67Motherof Fires47
68Oneof Fires of the Earth48
69Openerof Fires Under Earth49
70Overlordof Fishermen410
71Overseerof Fishes411
72Patronof Flames412
73Persecutorof Flies413
74Personificationof Food414
75Princeof Fortune415
76Princessof Frost416
77Protectorof Gamblers417
78Queenof Gambling418
79Reaverof Gluttony419
80Regentof Gods420
81Riderof Greed51
82Riderof Growth52
83Rulerof hatred53
84Rulerof Heaven54
85Seducerof Heavenly Fires55
86Shahof Hell56
87Shepherdof heroes57
88Skyof Horrors58
89Smothererof Human Sacrifice59
90Sovereignof Ice510
91Sultanof Illusion and Masquerade511
92Swordof Immortal Evils512
93Symbolof Immortal Wisdom513
94Tamerof Impurity514
95Teacherof Infants515
96Turnerof injustice516
97Vizierof Insanity517
98Warlordof Insects518
99Warriorof insolence519
100Watcherof Inventions520
of Invincible power61
of justice62
of lands63
of Languages64
of Law65
of Liars66
of Life67
of Light68
of Luck Through Hard Work69
of magic610
of Magma611
of majesty612
of Man613
of Many Names614
of Medicine615
of Men616
of Men's Fates617
of Mercy618
of Metals619
of Might620
of mischief71
of Misfortune72
of Mists73
of Monsters74
of Moons75
of Mountains76
of Nature77
of Navigation78
of Near and Close79
of Necromancers710
of Nothing711
of oaths712
of order713
of Ostentatious Ornament714
of Outcasts715
of Pain716
of Patience717
of Penitential Torture718
of Pestilence719
of Philosophy720
of Plagues81
of Plants and Trees82
of Poetry and Song83
of Poison84
of Primeval Depths85
of Primordial Waters86
of Rain87
of Reason88
of Revelry89
of Riches810
of Rivers811
of Sailors812
of Shadows813
of Silence814
of Sin815
of Sins816
of Smiths817
of Soldiers818
of Souls819
of Spiders820
of Spring and Sunlight91
of Stellar Lights92
of Storms93
of Strength94
of Suffering95
of Suicides96
of Taint97
of Terror98
of the Abyss99
of the Black Wind910
of the Blessed Lands911
of the Breath of Life912
of the Bridge913
of the Celestial Bodies914
of the Cities915
of the Clouds916
of the Coral Towers917
of the Crafts918
of the Crossroads919
of the Dawn920
of the Dead101
of the deep102
of the Desert Sun103
of the Desert Wind104
of the Dying Forests105
of the East Wind106
Of the Eight Winds107
of the Eternal Forest108
of the Eternal Sea109
of the Forest1010
of the Forest that Thirsts1011
of the Forges1012
of the Four Winds1013
of the Freezing Winds1014
of the Frozen Waste1015
of the Gallows1016
of the Gods1017
of the Harvest1018
of the Healing Arts1019
of the Heavenly Fires1020
of the Hiararchs111
of the Host112
of the Hostile113
of the Hungry Earth114
of the Hunt115
of the Iron Sceptre116
of the Lands117
of the Emerald throne118
of the Morning119
of the Mountain Springs1110
of the Night Sky1111
of the North Wind1112
of the Obsidian Blade1113
of the Ocean Underneath1114
of the Ocean's Surface1115
of the Oceans1116
of the Open Road1117
of the Plague1118
of the Pole Star1119
of the Raging Seas1120
of the rich121
of the Rock122
of the Sacred Eye123
of the Scorching Winds124
of the Skies125
of the Sky126
of the Smouldercone127
of the South Wind128
of the spheres129
of the Spring1210
of the Sun1211
of the Tablets of Destiny1212
of the Unbound Flesh1213
of the Void1214
of the wastes1215
of the Water Dead1216
of the Waves1217
of the Ways1218
of the Wells1219
of the West Wind1220
of the Wild131
of the Wildlife132
of the Winds133
of the Winter Realms134
of the World135
of the Wounding Spear136
of the Years137
of thieves138
of This World139
of Thunder and Lightning1310
of time1311
of Tremors1312
of truth1313
of turmoil1314
of tyrants1315
of Unchallenged Victory1316
of Unexpected Pleasure and Sorrow1317
of Unnatural Lust1318
of Untimely Death1319
of Vegetation1320
of Volcanic Fire141
of Volcanoes142
the Fever Moon143
of War144
of Water145
of wealth and power146
of Wind on the Waters147
of Wine148
of Winter149
of Witchcraft1410
of writing and speech1411
of Youth1412
of Youthful Vitality and Violence1413
Opener of the Wells1414
of arbitrators1415
of iron and machines1416
of merchants1417
Pivot of the Universe1418
the Master of War1419
Sky of all the People1420
of Walls151
soul of darkness152
the Adversary153
the Afterthought154
the Arbitrary155
the Armourer156
the Baleful Eye157
the Beast158
the Bloodlusting Lord159
the Bloody Mistress1510
the Boiling Spirit1511
the Breathmaker1512
the Brilliant God1513
the Broken Mind1514
the Burning Soul1515
the Collector of Souls1516
the compassionate1517
the Corn1518
the Cunning Man1519
the Dead and Undying God1520
the Destroyer161
the Divine Scribe162
the Divine Shepherd163
the Divine Smith164
the Earth Monster165
the Eater of Hearts166
the Essence of Fertility167
the Eternal Judge168
the Even Hand169
the Everburning One1610
the Evil Minded1611
the Evil Prince1612
the Evil Princess1613
the fallen1614
the Far Traveller1615
The Flame Bitten1616
the Fortifier1617
the Fountainhead1618
the Grey One1619
the Mountain Hammer1620
the Harvester171
the Heart of Darkness172
the herald173
the Hidden One174
the Howler175
the Hunger Without Thought176
the Hungry Earth177
Who Brought Down the Moon178
the Infernal Sovereign179
the Inventor of Science1710
the Key to the Gate1711
the kindly one1712
the King Above All1713
the Knotted One1714
the Lawgiver1715
the Leaflord1716
the Leech1717
the Leeching Darkness1718
the left hand of knowledge1719
the lover of war1720
the Loyal Master181
the Lurker at the Threshold182
the Lurker in the Crypt183
the Maker of Mountains184
the man eater185
the Mountain Lord186
the Narrow Faced187
the Night Hag188
the Obsidian Butterfly189
the Old, Old One1810
the once and future king1811
the one who sets boundaries1812
the Persuasive One1813
the Pillar that is Purity1814
the Pockmarked Saviour1815
the Power Perverse1816
the Queen that Hungers1817
the Rice Giver1818
the Ring Giver1819
the Sea Mother1820
the Self Created Master191
the serpent mind192
the Shadow193
the Star of the Dead194
the Stealer of Corpses195
the stillness of death196
the storm197
the Stump198
the Summer Lord199
the swamp1910
the Sword Hungry1911
the Terror of the Tomb1912
the Thrice Damned1913
the Unconquerable Sun1914
the Undeceivable1915
the Unjust1916
the Unmoving Master1917
the Unshakable1918
the Unsleeping1919
the Whirlpool1920
Turner of the Flood201
Warrior Against the Sun202
Who Confuses the Way203
Who Conquered the Sky204
Who Contains Everything205
Who Dreams206
Who Holds the Fate of All207
Who is at the Center of All Things208
Who is Crowned with Wisdom209
Who is Twisted by Jealousy2010
Who Loves not the Light2011
Who Makes Clear the Way2012
Who Mounts the Clouds2013
Who Opened the Box of Woe2014
Who Sealed the Gates of Death2015
Who Should Not Be Named2016
Who Stole the Fire2017
Who Tempers the Spirit2018
Who Waits2019
Wind of the North2020

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