A Ramble and a Fumble

The thing about blogs is that they're the third tier of mental effluence, some way down after respectable book worthy things and shorter zine-flavoured items. Third tier. Still a good tier though. Still better than screaming at pigeons from a park bench or social media. I'm not saying you should thank me, but you might want to consider it next time.

So today's work is more MECHANICS*. Specifically a response to my earlier work on being stabbed.

Originally I had split armours into three categories, each absorbing damage according to the roll of the dice. 1d6 2d6 3d6. I have since gone back and changed it to 1d6 1d8 1d10, since the original numbers were imitating the effects of the old AC system too well, being almost as slow. Combine this slow decline of HP with how I'm managing that kind of thing and it leads to slow fights.

So, the related changes and amendments in my home games as they stand:

  • Armour comes in three types — light, medium and heavy —and absorb 1d6, 1d8 or 1d10 damage.
  • Shields bump the die size up one. d6 on their own, d12 with heavy armour.
  • HP are equal to Con, unless you are a fighter. In which case double it. These can only be raised/lowered by a shift in Con score.
  • Criticals and fumbles are a thing (1s and 20s)
  • You heal fully — excluding any permanent injuries — with 8 hours rest (or whatever a magic user needs to get their spells back. Symmetry!)

The only significantly interesting change is fumbles and criticals. These are both enjoyable little things that have been missed, taking with them the little dramas that play out when the dice clatter about.

20s always hit, always ignore armour (stab 'um in the eye), and get a roll on the Serious Injury Table regardless of actual HP loss
1s always miss, and must roll on the Fumble table below.

  1. You dropped your weapon you nelly. Go fetch it.
  2. What cowboy made this weapon? The damn thing just snapped!
  3. There was a tussle, limbs and moves getting thrown about, and your enemy somehow ended up in possession of your weapon. Nice going Errol.
  4. You were over enthusiastic and managed to twat one of your allies with your misplaced attack. Deal damage as normal to them, they may roll armour. If you try to weasel out of it by claiming no one is near enough, assume it flew out of your hand and across the room. If there is still any doubt feel free to brutally stab yourself in the gut, you clumsy sausage.
  5. Shoddy footwork. Save vs. paralyse or fall prone and feel rather embarrassed and possibly dead.
  6. An energetic lunge causes you to rip your trousers, distracting you at the last minute. Miss your attack but otherwise suffer no more than needing to find a needle and thread.
  7. There's something in your eye. You miss and get -1 on all attacks until you take a turn to dig it out.
  8. A serious case of deja vu sets in and discombobulates you. Miss and everyone gets +1 to hit you until your next turn.
  9. You bowl into your opponent, forming a complicated tangle of limbs. You're now wrestling and they count as having pinned you already. Tap out!
  10. You turn what was looking to be a comical pratfall into a devastating blow, just as if you meant it all along. Roll for a serious wound on your opponent, but get showered in their blood or equivalent vital fluids. -1d6 to hit for the remainder of the fight as it gets in your eyes and ears and nose and eeuw. 
  11. OH SHIT HE STABBED YOU. Free hit, no armour. Ouch.
  12. OH GODDAMNIT, NOT AGAIN. Your opponent takes this opportunity to stab you good and proper, plus you should probably roll on here again.

*On a number of occasion people have told me that it's properly called mechanisms. Feels ugly in the mouth.

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