More ways to kill a man AKA Ripping off WFRPG1

If the basic blocks of combat remain in place then they are easily swapped about. So here we've got rolls to hit, rolls for damage, armour etc. making it simple to slot into the typical OSR style game. It needs testing and adjusting, but I like the sound of it so far.

Assumptions made: HP = Constitution score, criticals and fumbles, damage past 0 is an injury (adjust table to read "1- Flesh wound 2- Serious injury 3+- Mortal blow" maybe)

  1. Roll 2d8 to hit, both differently coloured (pick one as special), adding your base attack bonus and weapon modifier*
  2. If you score 10 or more, you hit
  3. Double 1 is a fumble, double 8 is a critical hit.
  4. Use the highest D8 for damage, add your Strength modifier, deduct their Constitution modifier (ignore negatives)
  5. Determine hit location by reading special die of the 2d8 rolled:
    1    Head
    2    Right leg
    3    Left leg
    4    Right arm
    5    Left arm
    6-8 Body

    Fighters can switch the die used

    For non-human shaped creatures, make up something else. Just start at the hardest shot and work down.
  6. Deduct the **armour of that location from the damage caused
  7. Reduce HP and resolve any critical wounds

If you strike an opponent consecutively without him striking you, +1 to hit 'cos you're Winning! This is mostly your job to remember.

*Weapon modifiers
Normal weapons, +2Str +0AtkB
Unarmed 0Str -0AtkB
Big weapons +4Str -1AtkB
Small weapons +1Str +0AtkB
Long weapons +2Str +1AtkB (while unengaged or Winning, otherwise +1/+0)

Roll 2d8. If you match a number rolled by the opponent, ignore that much damage. If you match no numbers, no more parrys and lose your next attack as you overextend yourself.

If you match both numbers, immediately attack him.

Shields give 1 armour to all body parts
Armour works in layers. Light (buffcoat, arming jacket) medium (chain, scale) and heavy (plate). All offer 1 armour for whatever body parts are covered. To use medium you must wear light under it. To use plate you must wear medium.

Each body location covered counts as an item for encumbrance. E.g. A leather jacket covering your torso and both arms is 3 items worthy of heavy.

So a knight in full plate would have 3 armour on all spots and have 18 items worth of encumbering stuff. There's a reason knight have people carry their stuff for them.

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