Patreon Subscription Report

Oh yea, that Patreon thing.

I would have written about it sooner but it was almost disappointingly smooth. It worked exactly as I had hoped it would, so it faded into the list of things I don't have to worry about.

For those not aware, I started a Patreon page to enable me to make some kind of subscription system. It's something I wish every zine had, considering they traditionally have pretty arbitrary release times. I don't always remember to shower my favourites with money, and some people are very shy when it comes to promotion.

For anyone looking to do similar with their own work (I recommend you do, there's really nothing to lose) I have put all my thoughts in bullet form:

  • It's all in dollars. This is a big pain in the arse. Exchange rates mean I can't be 100% sure what this funnymoney is actually worth until it hits my bank account.
  • Do not make plans based on the assumption that everything pledged will actually clear. Credit cards and things can get in the way. It's an estimate.
  • Trigger the payment a few days before the end of the month or else you'll be sitting around for another month to get paid, and sending physical objects out before you have their cold hard cash is just risky.
  • Patreon and PayPal take a cut! Account for this. Assume something in the region of 10%, but take the time to work it out properly or else you'll come up short.
  • Patreon's website is awful. Extracting information from it is obtuse and irritating. I'm looking at you, address entry that always closes when clicked on. Not like I want to cut & paste it or anything. Hnnngh!
  • I have no idea how I'm ever going to change prices. I assume I have to pretty much just delete an entry and shake the patrons off like sleeping cats. This will be a problem one day, but that's something for Future Dan to deal with, screw that guy.

That's about it. I can't think of any actual issues with it. It's simply a convenient way to arrange an exchange of cash for goods on an unpredictable schedule. 

If anyone wants to know more just ask and I'll sort you out.

As an aside, this is yet another barrier taken down for those considering publishing their work. Unless you're a complete cock-nozzle there are bunches of people who would be more than happy to help, the materials needed are either cheap or free, and there is a small but enthusiastic market ready to jump on you.

Really, if you've ever considered it just dive in and get to it. You are all that's standing in your way.

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  1. Dude...awesome. Exactly how I want to set things up for myself. I Will Do It.