Corpse Lions

Named for their love of decayed flesh, corpse lion's sprawling subterranean nests often tunnel into graveyards and crypts in search of your dear old ancestors.

A corpse lion hive is considered a serious menace by local settlements, so much so that entire villages have uprooted and left in the past. Once their preferred food source is expended, once the forests and graveyards have given up their dead, they come for the living to carry them off to hang in their larders to ripen.

No. Encountered: 

Between one and too damn many. A single corpse lion found outside of a nest will typically be lost and isolated, often too disoriented to defend itself.


Roughly the size of a large dog, but with longer legs.


As fast as a house cat.


14. Their shell is hard, their organs are simple & robust and they're as fast as hell.


2 (8hp)


Mandibles and claws +2 1d6

Gummy resin goo +1 paralyse save or blinded, further successes against a blind target will disable a limb (randomise)

They like to go for the throat and inner thighs, nicking your blood pipes in order to start the draining process. Once disabled they'll drag you to one of their larders and paste you up to the wall to dry out and get a good strong stink on. If a corpse lion rolls max damage on an attack it will induce 1d3+1 bleeding every turn until someone spends a round and an intelligence test to stem the flow.

Sometimes they won't drain you and instead disable you with their gummy saliva, burrow their heads into your gut and deposit an egg sac. This process leaves you alive long enough to keep the eggs warm, and briefly enough so that you are suitably tasty for when they hatch. (The egg sac can be removed with Cure Disease or traumatic ghetto surgery)

Reaction (pg. 56 of LotFP): 

-4, unless cornered or outnumbering you 4:1, in which case they will attempt to kill you and take you back to their nest. If you are inside the nest they will perceive you as a threat and put their whole weight into removing you.


8. 10 when defending eggs.


They smell like old nutmeg and sound like someone trying to light a cigarette lighter unsuccessfully.

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