The Ikons

A map of the Ikons mountain range, home to Vornheim and its colonies, the Latter Kairnlaw, and the freezing bleakness of the tundra.

Full size (huge) map.

Current Things of Interest:

  • The undead horde spawned from a mishap at Death Frost Mountain spread further every day. Olgrave is now a haunted ruin.
  • In the south, Callipyg has been taken over by The Blight, a race of sapient mushrooms that have installed their own vision of law and put the populace to work on a mysterious construction at the centre of town. Panic amongst neighbours ensues.
  • Kairnlaw is preparing for another war between Prior and Latter since the Latter has been worse hit by the undead plague. 
  • Pitchflint has separated from Vornheim under their new god, a 50ft giant named Batrubis.
  • The Knights of Science are being recalled to their monastery in Londo. Nobody is sure what they are up to.
  • The Old Man on the Hill is open for business again. Bring the hoary old manticore something nice and he’ll help you out. People are scrabbling to get his attention since his advice has become sporadic in his old age.
  • The Irongate has closed due to undead, cutting off the east. Gotta keep Vornheim safe.
  • The Seawall is holding off a pile of zombies, literally. Piles against the wall, soon they'll be walking over.

(this page will be kept updated as things change)

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