Guess who found their scanner! Hint: It's me

This is the first "proper" map I've actually made use of in a game. Everything before has been scratchy notes and arrows or a Photoshop job.

I thoroughly enjoy making dungeons that have their own thing going on. What we're looking at is an old burial mound that's been burrowed into by corpse lions who have then gone on a feeding frenzy, eating most of the ancient undead guardians and chewing off the wight king's arm. Especially unfortunate considering the party are here for his signet ring. Damn pesky bugs.

Things I've learnt:
I'm still bad at drawing slopes and water
Less fiddly fills in future. These were time consuming and didn't look good enough for the investment.
Drawing ant colonies is fun.
3D rooms look nice, worth investigating in future.

Pretty sure this map is going to get another pass and be tarted up for a bigger project in the near future. I'm rather fond of it. As ever, I'm open to criticism.

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