Yet more maps

I've been getting into drawing proper maps after seeing the nice stuff Simon Forster has been making lately. I went and gathered up some pencils and technical pens and here we are, the first proper map.  

Wide shot, three levels, 1 being inside the mountain the house is on. Notice the stylish balcony for when the manticore needs to entertain guests.
Close up of the fills. Still working on these, they are shockingly stressful.
The manticore's audience chamber.
The fills need some work and the cliff lines are a bit wimpy, but overall I like where this is going. I considered using a ruler for those (not so) straight lines, but then we'd lose the endearingly sloppy penmanship. Couldn't have that.

The map itself will be used soon for when the players visit the clever old manticore who knows all sorts of useful information about apocalyptic artifacts. I just hope they bring a nice enough gift..

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