Slight update to the hunt for zine content. Thought I'd get back to my roots and put out the word for works of fiction. It'll be a short affair in sustained prose in the spirit of such writers as Clark Ashton Smith, Jeff Vandermeer, Karl Edward Wagner, anything you'd find in Weird Tales magazine. No recognisable Cthulhu mythos please.


  • Prose
  • 300-1000 words
  • Weird fantasy
  • No modern day settings
  • Can be as graphic and unpleasant as you like as long as you have the writing chops to pull it off
  • I can only take ONE.
  • It'll be covered by the rates & terms found here.

I'll be open for submissions until early September. If there's a great response to this I'll find something cool to do with the rest.

Note that there is still a little space for other submissions. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea for an article.

For further details go check out the submissions page.

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