The "I Missed Out on the Christmas in July Sale" Sale

So here's how it works: I've only got so much house to store books in, something's got to give. Either I buy a bigger house or I sell some books. So in pursuit of both those aims I have decided to run a morally sketchy and probably short sighted sale in which YOU GET FREE STUFF.

While stocks last, UK residents can purchase a copy of The Undercroft #1 through the new, spangly Lucky Dip button on the right. Doing this gets you a copy of our most wonderful zine, a matching PDF, and a random book from my enormous pile of things I don't want! (some of it pictured above).

I've put it as a separate button as I'm sure some of you don't want more books clogging up your shelves. Yes, you can request something specific, email me. Yes, you can just buy one of the books on its own if you want, email me. Yes, I might consider sending these abroad, email me to find out the insane postage prices that will probably need to be added on.

EDIT- Did a little bit of maths and turns out I'd lose quite a bit of money on postage with the bigger ones, so I put it up by £1. To make it up to you I'll double up on the smaller books. Everyone who's purchased already still gets their stuff, a pound or two won't kill me.

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